ATSF Image Index Files

These are files from John Parker as of 7 Jun 2000. These files are to be used to create image indexes of ATSF related subjects. If you would like to participate in the cataloging of books and image collections please contact John Parker.

The files have the same name as previous versions with the addition of a '3' in front. This may change the end of the name if saved in the old dos filename format of eight chars-dot-three chars. The '3' is added so the new file doesn't automatically overwrite the previous file if you had added personal notes.

The files are in three formats: TXT files are plain ASCII text, DOC files are for MS Word, and XLS files are for MS Excel. For Mac users, the TXT files are readable into Word or Excel. The diesel rosters have fields separated by tabs and can be reformatted to fit into columns by adjusting the font size and tab settings.



Information about the Index. (STILL #2)


PRIMER - New - information about the Index.


Standard Naming Conventions (preferred names to be used)


Standards Guide (Field types and entry formats)
3DSL_1965.TXT The 1965 Diesel and Motor Car Roster (early days)
3DSL_1973.TXT The 1973 Diesel Roster
3DSL_1985.TXT The 1985 Diesel Roster
3DSL_1995.TXT The 1995 Diesel Roster
3DSLAMTRK.TXT ATSF diesels leased out to Amtrak (1971-1973)
3ATSFDSL.XLS All the above diesel rosters in the one Excel file

MS Excel Template file for creating a part of the Index.


List of who is indexing which books so far.

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