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Any data that I find useful to me will be put here so it can be useful to you! It can be used with any scale, as most of the info has listings for scales from N to #1.

Useful Standard Dimensions for such things as handrails, distances between tracks, clearances, and other things I keep losing. I put them in one spot for easier reference.

Conversion Charts to look up a prototype dimension and translate it to a scale measurement. Most scales are represented from N to #1.

Grade Calculations and Charts for calculating grades on model railroad layouts.

Scale Calculators and Fast Clock Software from Paul Dobbs. There's both a Mac version (Classic and OS X) and a Windows version of the calculators. Only Mac for the fast clock. If you need a fast clock version for Windows try Wesley Steiner's site: ModelRailroading

Another handy converter from Stan Silverman for railroad related stuff including scale conversions, metric to english units and vice versa, figure modeling data, scale speeds, even a loan calculator to figure out how to pay for your hobby! N to #1 scales.

Windows based Fast Clock also from Stan Silverman.

Degrees of Curvature to Scale Radii for calculating prototypical curves on model railroad layouts. N to #1 scales.

Comparison of Large Scales showing the relationships between them, with their track gauges.

Chart of rail sizes comparing the prototype to some scale rail sizes available.

Scale pipe size chart to convert standard Sch 40 Steel Pipe, as used on steam locomotives, to scale sizes.

Chart of car weights for various car lengths (N scale only).

Diesel chronology listing diesel units by their date of manufacture, to help see what ran with what.

Alco - GE 1000hp Switcher Load limits by trailing tons and by number of 40 ton cars. Real world numbers to compare with your modeling and operating efforts.

Scenery tips and techniques for scenery construction.

Hand Laying Code 40 track in N scale, with track standards of the SDSoNS - San Diego Society of N Scale in Balboa Park, San Diego's Model Railroad Museum.

Turnout tie and construction patterns for code 40 turnouts in N scale.

Roll your own turnout - curved, wye, three-way, etc. using David Honner's excellent Excel spreadsheet combined with your favorite CAD program or design software such as CadRail or 3rdPlanit:

Stuffit version for Mac: Turnout_Calculator.sit

Zipped version for Windows: Turnout_Calculator.zip

Brass Shapes Conversions Conversion charts for all scales of the Special Shapes Co. I-Beams and H-Columns, round and rectangular rods and tubing. Z to #1 scales.

Plastruct Conversions Conversion charts for all scales of the Plastruct line of shapes like I-Beams and H-Columns, round and rectangular rods and tubing. Z to #1 scales.

Metalworking charts and data I find useful for modeling with metal, like drill sizes, brass shapes and their scale sizes, and solder melting temperatures, plus some links for more.

Nn3 data and drawings are on my narrow gauge web site at : SLIM RAILS.

Layout design special interest group primer Information and FAQ on layout design and operations.

Floquil paint mixes compiled by Bill Havrilla around 1990, on John Shaw's web site: [A-CHA] [CHE-I] [J-Q] [R-Z]

AAR Reporting Marks are on Chris Coleman's Webville and Hypertext web site. There's lots more there too so poke around! W&H web site

RR definitions by P. Veltman are on Chris Coleman's Webville and Hypertext web site. Another list with additions by D. Zinoviev is on the San Diego Railroad Museum web site

Glossary of Terms Used in RR High and Wide Clearances are on the RICA site (compiled and provided by the American Railway Engineering Association).

General Code of Operating Rules are on Dan Dawdy's web site.

AREA Chord Spiral Calculator is on Dale Muir's web site.

AREA Definitions relating to trackwork are on Dale Muir's web site.

Operators Manuals for many diesels are on George Elwood's web site. His site has lots of photos of the "Fallen Flags" railroads as well.

A lot more technical information is on Pierce Connor's web site.

Still more technical information is on Railroadinfo.com's web site. Look under Links - Technical and Engineering. Lots of other links and goodies there too.

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