hhc 97-07-31

The Halflistic Health Club

"Half of it would be enough"

This club is for those of us that would like to eat healthier, exercise more, quit unhealthy habits, lower our cholesterol, avoid stearoids in meat, and all of the other thousands of things the experts are always recommending to us to do to our bodies in order to be 'healthy'. The wholistic approach to health is a laudible goal, and you can feel that you are generally doing good things for your self. But what about a sudden 'Big Mac Attack', or that 'Snickers'? Oy, the guilt, the anxiety!

The internal stresses you may feel about that strip of bacon you couldn't pass up may be worse than the bacon itself! These little stresses - about what I am or am not putting into my body - or the guilt about sitting on the couch one more night rather than going to the gym all add up to a big ball of stresses that can damage your basic well being.

What I am proposing in the Halflistic Health Club is to do what you can, be conscious about it and promise yourself you will do better next time. Drop the guilt and anxiety of the event and congratulate yourself that at least you made it half way! It's a variation on the 'half full glass' of the optimist. Now isn't that a lot better than 'worrying yourself to death'?

So, take one deep breath (even if it is proven that two is the necessary minimum daily requirement), sit back and know that you are better off than you were. That's all it takes to be a member. See? No monthly dues, donations or whatever to remember - no stress! Enjoy LIFE!

"That's it! Hee hee hee hee hee. -Janis Joplin-

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