Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette
Plans, Drawings, and Construction Articles

This list was originally on a site at Georgia Tech, and the core info that follows is from that site. That original listing ended in May/June of 1996 and was incomplete. I added to the list from any issues that I had and continue to with any issues I acquire. Jeff Scherb at the Train Magazine Database hosted at Kalmbach Publishing provided the listing up to 1999 and his list included page numbers. I combined the two lists and added page numbers to the original list.

Jerry Clark provided more page numbers for 1975 thru 1978, most of the construction article references for 1979 and the missing May/Jun 79 issue. Vance Bass added information for the end of 1998, 1999, and the start of 2000. Much appreciated. I now have a subscription so the contents ought to be current from now on. Issues sorted by page numbers, 03/22/00. As I acquire back issues I check the listing to see if there are any references that I feel are important enough to add in. I tend to bend the definitions if it is material I really would like to locate easily.

You can get a fresh listing of the drawings for the Gazette at any time by using this search link to the TM database at Kalmbach. Use other search words for construction articles and rosters. You can also get a Table of Contents for any specific issue, so poke around a bit. -Rick Blanchard-

                      Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette
                  Plans, Drawings, and Construction Articles

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           Rick Blanchard, Jeff Scherb, Jerry Clark and Vance Bass

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     Key:  P = Plan or Drawing
           C = Construction Article
           R = Roster

Year  Issue    Key  Page  Description
----  -------  ---  ----  ----------------------------------------
1975  Mar/Apr   P   p24   Brooks Locomotive Works 30"ga 0-4-0T
1975  Mar/Apr   P   p31   Central City Covered Ore Car
1975  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Q&TL Rock Car

1975  May/Jun   P   p12   D&RGW Boxcar #1001 & 2001
1975  May/Jun   P   p24   DSP&P RR Cooke 2-8-0

1975  Jul/Aug   P   p14   Silverton Northern & RGS Ditcher

1975  Sep/Oct   P   p14   New Zealand Ry Baldwin 2-8-0
1975  Sep/Oct   P   p26   Klondike Mines 0-4-0T #4

1975  Nov/Dec   P   p16   Feather River Pine Mills Caboose
1975  Nov/Dec   P   p25   D&RGW Long Caboose
1975  Nov/Dec   P   p30   Rustic Log Warehouse, Arrow, CO

1976  Jan/Feb   P   p26   DSP&P RR Hancock Depot [Correction-May '76]
1976  Jan/Feb   P   p34   FJ&G Ballast Grader
1976  Mar/Apr   P   p40   Tyres Valley Tramway 30"ga Climax
1976  Jan/Feb   P   p50   Little River RR Baldwin 2-4-4-2 Mallet

1976  May/Jun   P   p28   C&S Depot, Central City, CO
1976  May/Jun   P   p40   Colorado Midland Stock Car #4406 and Flatcars
1976  May/Jun   P   p42   Rayonnier, Inc. 2-6-6-2T Baldwin Mallet
1976  May/Jun   P   p48   Festinog 2-6-2T "Mountaineer"

1976  Jul/Aug   P   p18   Marion Steam Shovels
1976  Jul/Aug   C   p36   Civilizing the Spartan Series

1976  Sep/Oct   P   p24   Modeling Mines

1976  Nov/Dec   P   p28   Biles-Coleman Lumber Co. Baldwin 2-6-6-2T
1976  Nov/Dec   P   p48   D&RGW Long Caboose #0585

1977  Jan/Feb   P   p34   Wolfeborough RR Railcar #10

1977  Mar/Apr   -   ---   This issue had no plans or construction articles

1977  May/Jun   P   p38   C&S Baggage Mail #13
1977  May/Jun   P   p58   Annapolis Post Office
1977  May/Jun   P   p61   Pajaro Valley Consolidated RR Grass Burner
1977  May/Jun   P   p64   Straight talk about bent pipes - brake cylinders

1977  Jul/Aug   P   p38   Colorado Midland Depot, Cascade Canon, CO
1977  Jul/Aug   P   p40   American Log Loader

1977  Sep/Oct   P   p36   WSL Co. & Swayne Lumber Co. Caboose
1977  Sep/Oct   P   p48   Ferrocarril Mexicano 30"ga Boxcar

1977  Nov/Dec   P   p36   Sierra RR Angels Branch Combine #5, Coach #6
1977  Nov/Dec   C   p40   Ore Processing Mills

1978  Jan/Feb   C   p30   Finescale Mill Complex
1978  Jan/Feb   -   p34   Tweetsie Reminiscence
1978  Jan/Feb   P   p38   No Name Mine

1978  Mar/Apr   P   p28   In search of accuracy - Lambert C&S Mogul
1978  Mar/Apr   P   p30   C&S 2-6-0 #6, #9
1978  Mar/Apr   P   p39   Ingoldsby Patent Dump Car
1978  Mar/Apr   P   p55   Sumpter Valley Water Tanks

1978  May/Jun   P   p40   Ophir Tram House
1978  May/Jun   P   p42   Detroit & Mackinac gondola car
1978  May/Jun   C   p58   Straight talk about bent pipes - brake hardware

1978  Jul/Aug   P   p29   Colorado ng Union Tank Cars, part 1: UTLX cars
1978  Jul/Aug   P   p40   Sierra Ry Picnic Cars
1978  Jul/Aug   P   p42   Erie & Michigan Boxcar
1978  Jul/Aug   C   p62   Straight talk about bent pipes - brake hardware

1978  Sep/Oct   P   p30   WP&Y Wooden Caboose
1978  Sep/Oct   P   p31   WP&Y Wooden Box Car
1978  Sep/Oct   P   p32   WP&Y Wooden Refrigerator Car
1978  Sep/Oct   P   p39   Texaco Single Dome Tank Car
1978  Sep/Oct   P   p40   Texaco Two Dome Tank Car #71
1978  Sep/Oct   C   p42   Soldering Techniques
1978  Sep/Oct   P   p62   Monson Junction Freight Station

1978  Nov/Dec   C   p40   Coloring Plaster Buildings
1978  Nov/Dec   P   p44   LIMA Shay #122, Mich-Cal #2
1978  Nov/Dec   P   p48   V&T Empire 2-6-0 #13
1978  Nov/Dec   C   p50   Roofs - Slate & Tile
1978  Nov/Dec   C   p60   Safety Standards
1978  Nov/Dec   P   p65   Farmers Bank Building; Ridgway, CO.

1979  Jan/Feb   C   p31   Detailing a Westside K-27
1979  Jan/Feb   P   p40   16 ton Lima Shay
1979  Jan/Feb   P   p42   Logging mallets, part 9: 2-4-4-2
1979  Jan/Feb   C   p44   Four C-16's - An Excercise in Locomotive Modifications
1979  Jan/Feb   C   p52   Scenery on a Slope
1979  Jan/Feb   P   p60   Straight talk about bent pipes - safety appliances

1979  Mar/Apr   P   p31   East Broad Top Hopper Car #346
1979  Mar/Apr   P   p32   East Broad Top Water TTank
1979  Mar/Apr   P   p34   East Broad Top Weight Car
1979  Mar/Apr   P   p36   East Broad Top Saltillo station
1979  Mar/Apr   P   p38   East Broad Top R.R. Snow Plow
1979  Mar/Apr   P   p39   Heinz pickle car
1979  Mar/Apr   P   p42   D&RGW Gondola Snow Plow 09271
1979  Mar/Apr   P   p44   Lima Shay #122 as rebuilt by Mich-Cal Lumber Co.
1979  Mar/Apr   C   p54   Finescale On3 Rebuilding Techniques - Pt II
1979  Mar/Apr   P   p60   Straight talk about bent pipes - brake hardware

1979  May/Jun   P   p28   D&RG Type I Caboose
1979  May/Jun   P   p29   D&RG Type II Caboose
1979  May/Jun   P   p30   D&RGW Type III Caboose
1979  May/Jun   P   p31   D&RGW Type IV Caboose
1979  May/Jun   P   p32   D&RGW 1924 Rebuilt Long Caboose
1979  May/Jun   P   p35   D&RGW Caboose #04990
1979  May/Jun   P   p37   V&T Box Car #1011
1979  May/Jun   C   p38   Notes on assembling the Kemtron 0-6-0T kit
1979  May/Jun   P   p40   Sierra RR Engine #28
1979  May/Jun   P   p42   Q&TL Tilt Bottom Gondola
1979  May/Jun   P   p62   Staraight talk about bent pipes - steam pumps

1979  Jul/Aug   P   p30   Bellevue & Cascade 2-6-0
1979  Jul/Aug   P   p31   Bellevue & Cascade 4-4-0
1979  Jul/Aug   P   p32   Bellevue & Cascade 2-6-0 Baldwin
1979  Jul/Aug   P   p33   Bellevue & Cascade 2-8-0
1979  Jul/Aug   C   p35   Finescale On3 Rebuilding Techniques - Pt III
1979  Jul/Aug   P   p48   D&RGW Spreader OV
1979  Jul/Aug   P   p52   Sierra Railroad 2-8-2 #34
1979  JulAug    C   p60   Jigs and Fixtures
1979  Jul/Aug   P   p68   Gila Pacific Yard Office & Bunkhouse

1979  Sep/Oct   C   p32   An Auxiliary "Sound" Car
1979  Sep/Oct   P   p34   Belleview & Cascade story, part 2, rolling stock
1979  Sep/Oct   C   p40   Finescale On3 Rebuilding Techniques - Pt IV

1979  Nov/Dec   P   p33   Bellevue & Cascade Right of Way Plans
1979  Nov/Dec   C   p38   Finescale On3 Rebuilding Techniques - Pt V
1979  Nov/Dec   C   p44   Stambaugh Garage
1979  Nov/Dec   P   p50   JD Robertson & Sons Farm Supply Building
1979  Nov/Dec   P   p59   Lenore, Mt. Sicker 10-ton Ore Car
1979  Nov/Dec   P   p68   Sierra RR Co. Caboose #9

1980  Jan/Feb   P   p44   Old Stone Store at Buffalo Creek, CO
1980  Jan/Feb   P   p48   Up Clear Creek, pt.1: Forks Creek Station & Eating House
1980  Jan/Feb   C   p58   Building Ariel and other notes
1980  Jan/Feb   R   p62   Narrow Gauge Equipment Rosters
1980  Jan/Feb   P   p64   D&RGW Hi Side Gondola
1980  Jan/Feb   P   p72   CO Midland Caboose #418
1980  Jan/Feb   P   p73   CA Western Caboose

1980  Mar/Apr   P   p34   C&NW ng 4-8-0
1980  Mar/Apr   C   p38   Up Clear Creek, pt.2: Forks Creek section house
1980  Mar/Apr   P   p48   SR&RL 2'ga 2-6-2 #8
1980  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Old Stone Warehouse at Buffalo, CO
1980  Mar/Apr   P   p52   Mound House and Hawthorne, NV Passenger Stations
1980  Mar/Apr   P   p56   Woss Camp Water Tank
1980  Mar/Apr   P   p70   D&RG Flanger #1, OC

1980  May/Jun   C   p34   Up Clear Creek, pt.3: C&S Coal Cars
1980  May/Jun   P   p36   C&S Truss Rod Coal Car
1980  May/Jun   P   p37   C&S Steel Framed Coal Car
1980  May/Jun   P   p39   Colorado Midland Cascade Canon Baggage Building
1980  May/Jun   P   p40   Steam Schooner, "Dog Hole"
1980  May/Jun   C   p62   Debugging a PFM Mason Bogie
1980  May/Jun   P   p73   Sierra RR Coach Second #2

1980  Jul/Aug   P   p11   Chicago Creek Ore Tipple
1980  Jul/Aug   P   p42   Up Clear Creek, pt.4: Black Hawk station
1980  Jul/Aug   P   p57   V&T #9, IE James

1980  Sep/Oct   P   p31   V&T: 2-4-0 JW Bowker, as V&T #21 & SNW&L Co. #3
1980  Sep/Oct   P   p36   Up Clear Creek, pt.5: C&S and RGS box cars
1980  Sep/Oct   P   p46   Fink Combination Truss Bridge

1980  Nov/Dec   C   p28   Cerro-bend Casting
1980  Nov/Dec   P   p36   Up Clear Creek, pt.6: Railroad & Gregory Sts, Black Hawk, CO (3 bldgs)
1980  Nov/Dec   P   p48   Colorado ng Tank Cars, part 3: CONOCO - CONX Tank Cars #1, 5, 8, 10, 11
1980  Nov/Dec   P   p52   D&RGW Water Car #0459
1980  Nov/Dec   P   p54   Lancaster Oxford & Southern Motor Car
1980  Nov/Dec   P   p58   V&T 2-6-0 Locomotives
1980  Nov/Dec   P   p60   Small cargo schooner
1980  Nov/Dec   P   p67   EBT M-3 Rail Car

1981  Jan/Feb   C   p11   Detailing Mason Bogies (List of Plans)
1981  Jan/Feb   P   p30   Saloon/Rooming House
1981  Jan/Feb   P   p37   Up Clear Creek, pt.7: Black Hawk Boiler Works
1981  Jan/Feb   P   p56   V&T Caboose Coach #7 & 8
1981  Jan/Feb   P   p60   Diamond & Caldor Shay #10

1981  Mar/Apr   P   p26   Quincy Mining Hoist
1981  Mar/Apr   P   p35   Saratoga Mine
1981  Mar/Apr   P   p44   Pressed Steel Ore Cars: Short line "boomers"
1981  Mar/Apr   P   p46   Sierra Ry Short Steel Flat Car
1981  Mar/Apr   P   p48   Up Clear Creek, pt.8: Machine shop, Black Hawk, CO
1981  Mar/Apr   P   p58   Midland Terminal Box Car for Lime Service: Colorado SG
1981  Mar/Apr   P   p62   N-C-O Passenger Car
1981  Mar/Apr   P   p68   V&T Carson City, NV Water Tank

1981  May/Jun   P   p38   Up Clear Creek, pt.9: C&S combine #20
1981  May/Jun   P   p56   FH Stoltze Lumber & Log Loader
1981  May/Jun   P   p59   V&T Kimball Coaches #3 & 4
1981  May/Jun   P   p66   Ferrocarril Mexicano 30"ga 2-8-0 #12
1981  May/Jun   P   p68   C&S Business Cars #910, 911, 912
1981  May/Jun   P   p74   Small cargo schooner

1981  Jul/Aug   P   p26   Gondola cars of D&RG, part 1: early - Series 1500 Gondola and Flatcars
1981  Jul/Aug   P   p29   D&RG Ry 4-wheel Flatcar #501
1981  Jul/Aug   P   p36   Freemont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley RR 4-8-0 #208
1981  Jul/Aug   P   p48   Hammond Lumber Co. Pile Driver
1981  Jul/Aug   P   p59   D&RG Derrick
1981  Jul/Aug   P   p61   Up Clear Creek, pt.10: Metcalf Grocery, Black Hills Post Office
1981  Jul/Aug   C   p66   Kitbashed HOn3 Tank Car
1981  Jul/Aug   P   p69   V&T Coach #17

1981  Sep/Oct   P   p24   Gondola cars of D&RG, part 2: classes 8-9-10-11
1981  Sep/Oct   P   p38   Up Clear Creek, pt.11: Saloon & Cafe at Black Hawk
1981  Sep/Oct   P   p62   V&T 4-6-0 #25

1981  Nov/Dec   P   p44   Gondola cars of D&RG, part 3: classes 11, 12, 13, 14
1981  Nov/Dec   P   p48   Up Clear Creek, pt.12: Gilpin Hotel
1981  Nov/Dec   P   p78   V&T Coach #17

1982  Jan/Feb   P   p27   US Army 60 cm. ga Tank Car
1982  Jan/Feb   C   p42   Makit & Bakit, Plastic Casting Made Easy
1982  Jan/Feb   P   p43   Gondola cars of D&RG, part 4: classes 15 - 20
1982  Jan/Feb   P   p50   V&T RR, Virginia City, NV Track Plans
1982  Jan/Feb   P   p51   V&T RR, Virginia City, NV Passenger Station
1982  Jan/Feb   P   p76   Street Sprinkler Wagon

1982  Mar/Apr   P   p44   Black hawk on the UC&N
1982  Mar/Apr   P   p50   One Man Saw Mill
1982  Mar/Apr   P   p50   V&T Passenger Car Shed, Virginia City, NV
1982  Mar/Apr   P   p52   Log Carriage Details
1982  Mar/Apr   P   p66   Nusbaum Chemical Co. Heisler #3
1982  Mar/Apr   P   p70   Able Supply Co. Mack Railbus
1982  Mar/Apr   P   p72   Bellerica & Bedford Turntable

1982  May/Jun   P   p42   South Side Plantation 2'ga 0-4-4T
1982  May/Jun   P   p50   V&T, Virginia City, NV Freight Station
1982  May/Jun   P   p64   Up Clear Creek, pt.14: Forks Creek - Pump House
1982  May/Jun   P   p80   Machinery Details for 1-Man Saw Mill

1982  Jul/Aug   P   p31   IRCA Caboose and Boxcar
1982  Jul/Aug   P   p40   Ferrocarriles Internacionales de Centro America, pt.1
1982  Jul/Aug   P   p48   C&S RGS Refrigerator Car
1982  Jul/Aug   P   p50   V&T, VA City Water Tanks, Blacksmith Shop, Fuel Shed
1982  Jul/Aug   C   p52   D&RGW Spreader OV
1982  Jul/Aug   P   p56   D&RGW Spreader OV
1982  Jul/Aug   P   p57   Sumpter Valley #50
1982  Jul/Aug   C   p58   Early Vintage Tractor
1982  Jul/Aug   P   p65   Coal Conveyor
1982  Jul/Aug   C   p67   Painting and Weathering Styrene Freight Cars

1982  Sep/Oct   P   p31   IRCA Steel Flat Car & Business Car
1982  Sep/Oct   P   p39   Tonopah ng 2-6-0
1982  Sep/Oct   P   p50   V&T, Virginia City, NV Car Shops and Yard Layout
1982  Sep/Oct   P   p54   1915 Ford Model T "Sheepherder" Wagon
1982  Sep/Oct   P   p68   V&T, Virginia City, NV Turntable

1982  Nov/Dec   P   p36   Huntsville & Lake of Bays Flat Car & Frt Trucks
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p36   Huntsville & Lake of Bays South Portage Gen. Office
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p37   Huntsville & Lake of Bays South Portage Water Tank
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p42   Hancock & Calumet 2-8-0
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p46   Central City, CO Yard & Passenger Depot
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p49   Original Central City, CO Passenger Depot
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p50   Little River Lumber Co. 4-6-2
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p60   Shoshone Depot
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p68   V&T, Virginia City, NV Roundhouse
1982  Nov/Dec   P   p73   Metal Loading Ramp

1983  Jan/Feb   P   p24   Gas Mechanical switchers
1983  Jan/Feb   P   p34   West Side Lumber Co. Heisler #2, part 1
1983  Jan/Feb   P   p48   Up Clear Creek, pt.18: Argo Tunnel-The Chutes
1983  Jan/Feb   P   p60   Virginia & Truckee Coach #s 11, 12
1983  Jan/Feb   P   p69   Central City Section House
1983  Jan/Feb   P   p74   One-room schoolhouse
1983  Jan/Feb   P   p77   Branch line ash pit

1983  Mar/Apr   C   p32   West Side Heisler #2
1983  Mar/Apr   P   p46   Central City,CO Buildings
1983  Mar/Apr   P   p46   Corner 'Horse' Depot
1983  Mar/Apr   P   p48   Up Clear Creek, pt.19: Argo Tunnel & Mill
1983  Mar/Apr   C   p52   C&S Steel Frame "Coal Cars"
1983  Mar/Apr   P   p62   V&T Brill Coaches #11 & 12, Interior Detail
1983  Mar/Apr   C   p70   SPng Stock Car (almost)
1983  Mar/Apr   P   p73   Small Oil Loading Facility
1983  Mar/Apr   P   p80   Stub Switch Stand

1983  May/Jun   P   p26   North Pacific Coast Caboose #5591
1983  May/Jun   P   p26   North Pacific Coast Private Car "Millwood"
1983  May/Jun   C   p30   Little Helen Mill
1983  May/Jun   P   p40   Rectangular Smelter
1983  May/Jun   P   p48   Up Clear Creek, pt.20: Idaho Springs Depot
1983  May/Jun   P   p53   Baldwin 2-6-2 Class 10-12 1/4D
1983  May/Jun   P   p71   V&T Brill Coaches #11 & 12, Details
1983  May/Jun   P   p72   Small Sand Facility
1983  May/Jun   P   p76   Central City, CO Tank Farm

1983  Jul/Aug   P   p26   Keystone Copper Mine Work Motor
1983  Jul/Aug   P   p30   Up Clear Creek, pt.21: Idaho & 17th Ave, Idaho Springs
1983  Jul/Aug   P   p32   Alley Views of Idaho Springs
1983  Jul/Aug   P   p48   DSP&P part 1: Alpine, Co. Boarding House & Engine Shed
1983  Jul/Aug   P   p66   Florence & Cripple Creek Caboose #05
1983  Jul/Aug   P   p68   Scale House at Central City
1983  Jul/Aug   P   p69   V&T Gold Hill Station
1983  Jul/Aug   P   p76   Branch line Coaling Station

1983  Sep/Oct   P   p42   DSP&P part 2: Alpine Station, Privy, Section House, & Storage Shed
1983  Sep/Oct   P   p45   Baldwin 0-4-0T
1983  Sep/Oct   P   p50   Corner Repair and Supply Shop in Idaho Springs
1983  Sep/Oct   P   p60   Air Compressor Trailer
1983  Sep/Oct   P   p70   Right-of-Way Signs
1983  Sep/Oct   P   p74   V&T Reno Yard And Water Tank

1983  Nov/Dec   C   p24   Vintage turntable, built on an Atlas turntable
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p42   Pacific Coast Ry 2-8-0 #105
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p43   Pacific Coast Ry San Luis Obispo Yard Plan
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p44   Pacific Coast Ry Gas Engine #120
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p46   Pacific Coast Ry Gondolas, Box Car & Caboose #2
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p50   RGS 4-6-0 First #25
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p53   Yosemite Short Line Box Car
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p54   V&T Reno Engine House
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p57   Brick Row Businesses in Idaho Springs, CO
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p59   Wooden Oil Weel Derrick
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p70   Alpine, CO Frame Boarding House, Storage Cellar
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p70   Alpine, CO Water Tank, Coaling Platform
1983  Nov/Dec   P   p73   Stiff Leg Derrick

1984  Jan/Feb   P   p44   Kiso Baldwin 0-4-2T and 4-wheel Caboose
1984  Jan/Feb   P   p45   Kiso Steel Disconnect Log Truck
1984  Jan/Feb   P   p45   Sakai Db5 Diesel
1984  Jan/Feb   P   p47   Kiso 8-wheel Passenger Car
1984  Jan/Feb   P   p50   Colorado & Northwestern #32
1984  Jan/Feb   P   p52   Up Clear Creek, pt.24: C&S coal car supplement
1984  Jan/Feb   P   p56   Blacksmith Shop at Beck Tunnel
1984  Jan/Feb   P   p68   V&T Minden, NV Station

1984  Mar/Apr   C   p48   Momentary Sound Cam
1984  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Thunder Lake ng 2-8-0 #9
1984  Mar/Apr   P   p68   South Pacific Coast Agnew, CA Freight Station
1984  Mar/Apr   P   p70   V&T Railway Construction Car #6
1984  Mar/Apr   P   p72   Feed Store at 15th & Idaho

1984  May/Jun   P   p24   Up Clear Creek, pt.26: C&S/RGS Stock Cars
1984  May/Jun   P   p43   V&T Carson City, NV Track Plans
1984  May/Jun   P   p46   Northwestern Pacific 4-4-0 #91
1984  May/Jun   P   p58   Willamette Iron & Steel Wooden Disconnected Truck
1984  May/Jun   P   p61   Timber Over Road Bridge

1984  Jul/Aug   P   p35   V&T Carson City Oil House
1984  Jul/Aug   P   p46   18-ton Climax
1984  Jul/Aug   P   p53   Flume Detail
1984  Jul/Aug   P   p68   Up Clear Creek, pt.27: Idaho Springs Machine Works

1984  Sep/Oct   P   p28   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Ry Caboose
1984  Sep/Oct   C   p32   Making Haybales
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p46   EBT Rockhill Furnace Sand House
1984  Sep/Oct   R   p46   EBT Hoppers
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p48   EBT Mount Union Enginehouse
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p50   Texas & St. Louis Ry 2-6-0 #67
1984  Sep/Oct   R   p52   N-C-O Plans list
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p65   V&T, Carson City, McKeen Car Shed
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p68   Sawmill Chronicles pt2 - Carriage & Sawdust Blower
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p73   Up Clear Creek, pt.28: Idaho Springs Machine Shop
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p76   Up Clear Creek, Murphy Roof construction sketches
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p79   Hammond - Little River Lumber Co. Skewed Kingpost Bridge
1984  Sep/Oct   P   p86   Bellerica & Bedford Forney

1984  Nov/Dec   P   p24   Carter Bros. Leafspring Truck
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p27   Minneapolis, Lyndale & Minnetonka Ry Soda Motor
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p28   ML&M Open Bench Passenger Car
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p28   ML&M Baldwin Steam Dummy
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p30   ML&M Baldwin Steam 2-6-0
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p32   N scale Shays - Epperly
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p36   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Hopper Car
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p46   Shoshoni [Screw Steamer]
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p50   Magma Arizona Copper Co. 2-4-2 #4
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p60   Up Clear Creek, pt.29: Idaho Springs Water Tank
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p68   Ore Processing Mill Base
1984  Nov/Dec   P   p74   V&T Carson City, NV Oil Tank

1985  Jan/Feb   P   p22   Waterford Blacksmith Shop
1985  Jan/Feb   P   p32   Ruth Mining Locomotive
1985  Jan/Feb   C   p42   C&S #22, (modified LGB Mogul)
1985  Jan/Feb   P   p50   Florence & Cripple Creek 2-8-0 #11
1985  Jan/Feb   P   p53   Up Clear Creek, pt.30: Big 5 Tunnel Change House
1985  Jan/Feb   P   p74   V&T "Yerington Barn"
1985  Jan/Feb   P   p76   "West" Carson City, Nevada Yard
1985  Jan/Feb   P   p79   18-ton Climax

1985  Mar/Apr   P   p22   Scotch Girl Hoist House
1985  Mar/Apr   P   p38   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Gondola
1985  Mar/Apr   P   p45   Mower Lumber Company 40-foot Flatcar
1985  Mar/Apr   P   p49   SP ng 4-6-0 #17
1985  Mar/Apr   P   p52   Up Clear Creek, pt.31: C&S Cabooses
1985  Mar/Apr   P   p61   Caterpillar Blower
1985  Mar/Apr   P   p68   Fire-Fighting Car
1985  Mar/Apr   P   p76   V&T Miners Caboose #10

1985  May/Jun   P   p28   Yosemite Valley Merced Station (Elevation)
1985  May/Jun   C   p32   D&RGW K-37 in Nn3
1985  May/Jun   C   p32   D&RGW K-37 in On3
1985  May/Jun   P   p36   EBT 2-6-0 Second #5 and #9
1985  May/Jun   P   p50   Louisana & Northwest 4-6-0 #23
1985  May/Jun   P   p52   Louisana & Northwest Caboose #211
1985  May/Jun   P   p54   Up Clear Creek, pt.32: C&S Truss Rod Bridge
1985  May/Jun   P   p58   CONX #5 tank car
1985  May/Jun   P   p66   V&T Ore Car
1985  May/Jun   P   p68   D&RGW Stock Car
1985  May/Jun   P   p68   Denver & Rio Grande Stock Car #5671
1985  May/Jun   P   p70   V&T RR Carson City Gen. Offices & Station
1985  May/Jun   P   p76   Hammond Little River RR, Crannel Overpass

1985  Jul/Aug   P   p35   Carson & Colorado Flat Car 105
1985  Jul/Aug   P   p50   Kentwood & Eastern 2-6-0 #28
1985  Jul/Aug   P   p55   On18 Locomotive and Tram Cars
1985  Jul/Aug   P   p60   Up Clear Creek, pt.33: Hukill Mine Head & Ore Bins
1985  Jul/Aug   P   p70   V&T Original Carson City, Nevada Passenger Station
1985  Jul/Aug   P   p75   Little River Redwood Company, Cranell Bridge
1985  Jul/Aug   P   p80   Sandy River Forney #3

1985  Sep/Oct   P   p24   Sierra Railway Sonora, CA Depot
1985  Sep/Oct   P   p33   Early Globe Disconnected Log Truck
1985  Sep/Oct   P   p38   Freelance Combine
1985  Sep/Oct   P   p42   Jefferson Dry Goods Store
1985  Sep/Oct   P   p50   Collins & Garrison Shay #349
1985  Sep/Oct   P   p52   Up Clear Creek, pt.34: Stanley Mines Co.
1985  Sep/Oct   P   p67   V&T Carson City Enginehouse, Pt 1
1985  Sep/Oct   P   p80   Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington #4
1985  Sep/Oct   P   p84   Truckee, CA Jail

1985  Nov/Dec   P   p23   Fairmont Speeder
1985  Nov/Dec   P   p32   V&T Carson City Enginehouse
1985  Nov/Dec   P   p46   Up Clear Creek, pt.35: Idaho Springs: Stanley Mines
1985  Nov/Dec   P   p50   Argent Lumber Co. #5
1985  Nov/Dec   P   p56   Q&TL Rock Car
1985  Nov/Dec   P   p70   7-Ft Gauge Pole Road Loco & Car
1985  Nov/Dec   P   p76   Kahuku Plantation Baldwin 0-4-2ST

1986  Jan/Feb   P   p30   Arizona Copper Company 20"ga 0-4-0t
1986  Jan/Feb   P   p50   Baldwin Plantation Locomotive, 0-4-2t
1986  Jan/Feb   P   p61   Up Clear Creek, pt.36: Georgetown, CO Station
1986  Jan/Feb   P   p69   V&T Carson City Enginehouse Track Plan
1986  Jan/Feb   P   p70   SP ng Combine #1009
1986  Jan/Feb   P   p75   Hammond & Little River Redwood Co. Bridge

1986  Mar/Apr   P   p22   Buffalo Bay Tram House
1986  Mar/Apr   P   p50   West Side Lumber Co. Shay #12, 3 truck, 3 cyl.
1986  Mar/Apr   P   p62   Up Clear Creek, pt.37: Stewart & Wing Warehouse
1986  Mar/Apr   P   p70   Baldwin 2-ft Gauge 0-4-0 Saddle Tanker
1986  Mar/Apr   P   p74   Cabin Car to Ride on Disconnected Trucks
1986  Mar/Apr   P   p75   Disconnected Logging Truck
1986  Mar/Apr   P   p75   V&T Carson City Enginehouse Door & Window Details

1986  May/Jun   P   p22   Tionesta Valley Cabooses #107, 109, 110, 111
1986  May/Jun   P   p31   V&T Carson City Enginehouse Details
1986  May/Jun   P   p47   Deadwood Central 3-ft Gauge Trolley Car
1986  May/Jun   P   p50   West Side Lumber Co. Shay #15
1986  May/Jun   P   p54   Lawndale Railway & Industrial Co. Gondola
1986  May/Jun   P   p60   Up Clear Creek, pt.38: Old Missouri Firehouse
1986  May/Jun   P   p69   D&RGW Boxcar #4500
1986  May/Jun   P   p70   Porter 0-6-0
1986  May/Jun   P   p72   Logging Cabin Cars

1986  Jul/Aug   P   p20   Cairo & Kanawha Climax, First #5
1986  Jul/Aug   P   p40   Gilpin Tramway One-cord Ore Car
1986  Jul/Aug   P   p50   Denver, Boulder & Western (Colorado & Northwestern) Caboose
1986  Jul/Aug   P   p50   C&S Series #155, 156, 157 Coaches
1986  Jul/Aug   P   p54   Fred C. Dobbs Mining Supply
1986  Jul/Aug   P   p70   Up Clear Creek, pt.39: Georgetown Presbyterian Church
1986  Jul/Aug   P   p75   V&T Carson City Enginehouse Cross Sections
1986  Jul/Aug   P   p78   Logging Camp Cookhouse

1986  Sep/Oct   P   p20   SR&RL Flanger #503
1986  Sep/Oct   P   p46   SP ng Diesel Switcher
1986  Sep/Oct   P   p50   RGS 4-6-0 #23
1986  Sep/Oct   P   p56   Angels Camp Depot
1986  Sep/Oct   P   p59   Up Clear Creek, pt.40: C&S Caboose #1005
1986  Sep/Oct   P   p68   V&T RR Flatcar
1986  Sep/Oct   P   p72   Logging Camp Dining Car
1986  Sep/Oct   P   p75   V&T Carson City Turntable
1986  Sep/Oct   P   p78   Franklin & Megantic 2'ga 0-4-4t Forney #2, S. W. Sargent

1986  Nov/Dec   P   p37   V&T Combination Boxcar
1986  Nov/Dec   C   p40   8-ton Porter in On3
1986  Nov/Dec   P   p50   30"ga Pacamayo & Huanchaca Ry 2-6-0
1986  Nov/Dec   P   p71   Up Clear Creek, pt.41: Stock Loading Chutes
1986  Nov/Dec   P   p78   Logging Commissary & Tool Cars

1987  Jan/Feb   P   p29   Monson RR Snow Plow
1987  Jan/Feb   P   p30   Monson RR Snow Spreader
1987  Jan/Feb   P   p36   D&RGW Warehouse, Chama, NM
1987  Jan/Feb   P   p40   V&T RR 2-6-0 # 19, #20
1987  Jan/Feb   P   p44   Brockton Tank
1987  Jan/Feb   P   p48   Up Clear Creek, pt.42: Georgetown Power Co.
1987  Jan/Feb   P   p80   N. Waterford, Maine, Church
1987  Jan/Feb   P   p73   Diamond & Caldor Camp & Cabin Cars

1987  Mar/Apr   P   p18   V&T Miners Caboose #9
1987  Mar/Apr   P   p19   V&T Wooden Water Car #2
1987  Mar/Apr   P   p29   D&RGW Telephone Booth, Coxo, NM
1987  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Murrell Plantation 0-6-2 Porter
1987  Mar/Apr   P   p61   Up Clear Creek, pt.43: Clear Creek Sampling Works
1987  Mar/Apr   P   p78   Read Lumber Co. Camp Car

1987  May/Jun   P   p42   Merced Gold Mine RR 2'ga Porter
1987  May/Jun   P   p48   D&RGW  Track Scale, Chama, NM
1987  May/Jun   P   p50   United Verde & Pacific 2-6-0 #5
1987  May/Jun   P   p52   V&T Baldwin 2-6-0 #23, #24
1987  May/Jun   P   p64   Frenchie's "Montmarte" & Adams Tobacconist Shop
1987  May/Jun   P   p82   S. D. Warren Paper Co. 2'ga Pulpwood Car

1987  Jul/Aug   P   p19   Aerial Tramway Towers
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p23   Jefferson Station in 1/2 inch scale
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p44   D&RGW Car Body House, Chama, NM
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p50   D&RGW Grant 2-8-0 C-16 (see also 9-94 p50)
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p54   Smelting Campaign - Material Bins
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p58   Georgetown Loop High Bridge Bent
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p58   Up Clear Creek, pt.45: Modeling Georgetown Loop
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p67   Lodge Hall
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p68   Frenchie's "Montmarte" & Adams Tobacconist Shop - rear views
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p78   V&T McKeen Motor Car #22
1987  Jul/Aug   P   p80   S. D. Warren Paper Co. 0-4-0 #1

1987  Sep/Oct   C   p16   Contractor's Diesel
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p20   Randsburg, CA Barbershop
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p28   D&RGW 6000 Series Flatcar
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p33   West Side Lumber Co. Heavy Duty Flatcar
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p36   D&RGW Oil House, Chama, NM
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p39   Rogue River Valley Ry #1, #2, #3, #5
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p44   Rogue River Valley Ry Jacksonville, OR Station
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p45   Rogue River Valley Ry Motorcar #2 and Combine
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p50   North Pacific Coast 4-4-0 cab forward #21
1987  Sep/Oct   C   p52   Smelting Campaign - Furnace Support Structure
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p52   Lead Blast Furnace
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p64   V&T Motorcar #99
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p70   Up Clear Creek, pt.46: Silver Plume, CO Station
1987  Sep/Oct   P   p79   Symons & Shaver Shipfitters

1987  Nov/Dec   P   p18   C&S Rotary #99200
1987  Nov/Dec   C   p28   Smelting Campaign - Furnace
1987  Nov/Dec   P   p34   C&S Jefferson Water Tank
1987  Nov/Dec   P   p40   D&RGW Water Tank, Los Pinos, CO
1987  Nov/Dec   P   p50   North Pacific Coast 2-6-0 #13
1987  Nov/Dec   C   p54   West Side Speeder
1987  Nov/Dec   P   p58   Up Clear Creek, pt.47: C&S/RGS Stockcars
1987  Nov/Dec   P   p67   Rico, CO Bunk House & Section Car Shed
1987  Nov/Dec   P   p74   "Merchantile" Building
1987  Nov/Dec   P   p76   V&T RR Motor Car #23

1988  Jan/Feb   P   p16   D&RGW Sheds, Chama, NM
1988  Jan/Feb   C   p23   Coloring Structures with Chalks and Dry Pigment
1988  Jan/Feb   P   p29   Kirkfield Crushed Stone Dump Car
1988  Jan/Feb   C   p42   Smelting Campaign - Crusher and Dust Chamber
1988  Jan/Feb   P   p50   D&RGW C-25 2-8-0
1988  Jan/Feb   C   p56   Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington 2'ga Boxcar
1988  Jan/Feb   P   p59   Up Clear Creek, pt.48: Forks Creek Pump House
1988  Jan/Feb   P   p68   Hetch Hetchy RR Motor Car #19, #20, #23
1988  Jan/Feb   P   p74   Elk River Mill & Lumber Co Falk #1, pt. 1

1988  Mar/Apr   P   p24   Colorado & Southern Combine #20 in 1/2 in scale
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p28   Dolores, CO, Water Tank
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p38   D&RGW Log Bunkhouse, Chama, NM
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p44   Hetch Hetchy RR Motor Cars #21, #22
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p46   Smelting Campaign - Rectangular Brick Furnace
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Wiscasset, Waterville & Farmington 2-6-2 #6
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p59   Up Clear Creek, pt.49: Silver Plume Station, Wye, Pavillion
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p64   West Side Lumber Co. Heisler #3
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p69   Yosemite Short Line Proposed Hopper Car
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p71   Elk River Mill & Lumber Co Falk #1, pt. 2
1988  Mar/Apr   P   p79   Merced Gold Mine RR 2' Ore Car

1988  May/Jun   P   p17   Kirkfield Crushed Stone Vulcan #4104
1988  May/Jun   P   p18   RGS Dolores Depot
1988  May/Jun   P   p31   Yosemite Short line Proposed Flatcar
1988  May/Jun   P   p32   Hetch Hetchy RR Motor #24
1988  May/Jun   P   p39   Kilauea-Iki, 7-ton Baldwin Switcher
1988  May/Jun   C   p42   Reliable Carter Bros. Flatcars in HOn3
1988  May/Jun   P   p46   Smelting Campaign - Reverberatory Furnace
1988  May/Jun   P   p50   Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes 0-4-4 #21
1988  May/Jun   P   p70   D&RGW Cresco, CO, Telephone Booth
1988  May/Jun   P   p71   Up Clear Creek, pt.50: Silver Plume Clock Tower
1988  May/Jun   C   p80   Track and Tie Details

1988  Jul/Aug   C   p30   Building Wooden Disconnected Log Trucks
1988  Jul/Aug   P   p33   Eureka Nevada Ry Co 2-6-2 #7
1988  Jul/Aug   C   p44   Crew Speeder
1988  Jul/Aug   P   p50   Godchaux Plantation 2-6-0 #6
1988  Jul/Aug   C   p56   Smelting Campaign - Conclusion
1988  Jul/Aug   P   p68   D&RGW Sheds, Sublette, NM
1988  Jul/Aug   P   p73   Deck & Open Frame Wooden Disconnected Log Trucks
1988  Jul/Aug   P   p78   Yosemite Short Line Proposed 30"ga Coach

1988  Sep/Oct   P   p32   Sierra Ry Ford LCL Rail Truck
1988  Sep/Oct   P   p33   Hetch Hetchy Cadillac Inspection Car
1988  Sep/Oct   C   p35   Modifying Scale Figures
1988  Sep/Oct   C   p40   Coupler Height Tool
1988  Sep/Oct   P   p42   D&RGW Frame Bunkhouse, Sublette, NM
1988  Sep/Oct   P   p45   RGW Mancos Section Car Shed
1988  Sep/Oct   P   p49   D&RG Coach/Caboose #303
1988  Sep/Oct   P   p52   Oahu Ry & Land Co Box Car #358
1988  Sep/Oct   P   p54   Brockton Station
1988  Sep/Oct   P   p72   Old Time Fire Engine - Woodland Pumper #1

1988  Nov/Dec   P   p16   Oahu Ry & Land Co Outside Frame 4-6-0 #85
1988  Nov/Dec   P   p17   Oahu Ry & Land Co Baggage Car #43
1988  Nov/Dec   P   p26   Stillwater Mills Vertical Boiler Locomotive #1
1988  Nov/Dec   P   p48   Ridgway Toilet Building
1988  Nov/Dec   P   p50   Westfield Plantation Porter #1
1988  Nov/Dec   P   p62   Yosemite Short Line Hopper/Flatcar Details
1988  Nov/Dec   P   p69   Yosemite Short Line Porters #1, #2
1988  Nov/Dec   P   p71   14-ton Class A Shay
1988  Nov/Dec   P   p78   Free-lance, 30-inch Gauge Boxcar

1989  Jan/Feb   P   p17   US Army Corps of Engineers Baldwin 0-4-2T
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p18   Laurel Depot
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p28   Pelham Park & City Island Monorail Car
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p32   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Coach #1 and Combine #38
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p48   Austin City Ry Baldwin Steam Dummy
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p49   Carson River Mills & Eureka Mill RR Porter
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p50   Isthmus Transit Locomotive
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p50   Rhode Island Locomotive Works: Elevated Ry Forney
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p64   Durlin Coal Bin
1989  Jan/Feb   P   p72   Logging High Wheels

1989  Mar/Apr   P   p32   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Caboose C-1 and Boxcar #306
1989  Mar/Apr   P   p43   SR&RL Railbus #5
1989  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Pioche Pacific 2-6-0 #279
1989  Mar/Apr   P   p58   Hawaii Consolidated Ry Motors 1-2 and Mack Trucks
1989  Mar/Apr   P   p68   Nevada County Narrow Gauge #2
1989  Mar/Apr   P   p72   Pacific Lumber Co. Ballast Car

1989  May/Jun   P   p27   Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley Coach & Combine
1989  May/Jun   P   p28   Dickson Locomotive Works 0-4-0ST
1989  May/Jun   P   p38   NCNG Excursion Cars
1989  May/Jun   P   p50   C&S Mogul 2-6-0 #22
1989  May/Jun   C   p52   Hall-Scott Rail Car in On30
1989  May/Jun   P   p56   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Observation Coach #48
1989  May/Jun   P   p57   Oahu Ry & Land Co. 25-ton Wood Gondola #1801
1989  May/Jun   P   p62   "West Side" Bridge Tenders Cabin
1989  May/Jun   P   p64   Up Clear Creek, pt.56: Union Hotel
1989  May/Jun   P   p70   D&RGW Cumbres Station
1989  May/Jun   P   p72   0-4-0, 0-4-2 Porter Logging Locomotives

1989  Jul/Aug   C   p18   Casting Small Parts in Three Easy Steps
1989  Jul/Aug   P   p31   South Pacific Coast 4-6-0 #22 & #23
1989  Jul/Aug   P   p34   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Baggage #44 & Commuter #57
1989  Jul/Aug   P   p39   Kissel General Delivery Truck
1989  Jul/Aug   P   p44   D&RGW Monero Coaling Station
1989  Jul/Aug   C   p46   West Side based Light Duty Snow Plow
1989  Jul/Aug   P   p50   C&S Baggage #1 and Postal Baggage #11
1989  Jul/Aug   P   p62   Two Shops in Randsburgh, CA
1989  Jul/Aug   P   p69   18 inch Gauge Forney
1989  Jul/Aug   P   p73   Steam Rail Car

1989  Sep/Oct   P   p19   Barnhart Log Loader
1989  Sep/Oct   P   p32   V&T RR Baggage/Mail #31, Express Car  #14
1989  Sep/Oct   P   p44   D&RG Sargent Station
1989  Sep/Oct   P   p50   C&S Combination Car #30, Coach #76
1989  Sep/Oct   P   p52   Oahu Ry & Land Co. 10-ton, 30 ft Boxcar #325
1989  Sep/Oct   P   p54   Bulldog Mack Christie Crawler Attachment
1989  Sep/Oct   P   p73   MOW Rail Truck
1989  Sep/Oct   P   p78   Unitah Ry Locomotive #20
1989  Sep/Oct   P   p79   Unitah Ry Combine #50
1989  Sep/Oct   R   p81   Cummer Lumber Co. Jacksonville, FL Roster

1989  Nov/Dec   C   p18   Clovis, NM Scientific Cleaner's Boilerhouse
1989  Nov/Dec   P   p27   Southpark Rail Car
1989  Nov/Dec   P   p33   Cascade RR Locomotive, ANN
1989  Nov/Dec   P   p50   SP narrow gauge 4-6-0 #22
1989  Nov/Dec   P   p60   Up Clear Creek, pt.59: Tank Car CONX #8
1989  Nov/Dec   R   p63   Rail and Tie Data
1989  Nov/Dec   P   p74   SP Std #3 Wooden Turntable, pt. 1 (Laws)
1989  Nov/Dec   P   p79   San Joaquin & Eastern RR Motor Car #501

1990  Jan/Feb   P   p28   Oregon Portage Pony 0-4-0
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p44   Two Oahu Ry & Land Co. Flatcars
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p50   Irish Bayou Lumber Co. 2-6-2
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p56   V&T and Yosemite Valley RPO Car #23 or #107
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p59   Rio Grande RR 2-4-2t #1
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p60   Austin & Northwestern RR 4-4-0
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p61   Austin & Northwestern RR Excursion Car
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p62   Austin & Northwestern RR Combine #1, Coach #3
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p70   Up Clear Creek, pt.60: Pin Connected Pratt Truss at Forks Creek
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p74   SP Std #3 Wooden Turntable, pt. 2 (Laws)
1990  Jan/Feb   P   p78   Durango, Colorado Sand House

1990  Mar/Apr   P   p22   Gas Station in Santa Clara, CA
1990  Mar/Apr   P   p28   Dolores-Rio Grande Southern Hotel
1990  Mar/Apr   P   p40   D&RGW Chama Sandhouse
1990  Mar/Apr   P   p50   San Juan Southern 2-6-0 #102
1990  Mar/Apr   P   p53   US Gypsum #40 Whitcomb
1990  Mar/Apr   P   p62   Dalles RR Locomotive - 5' gauge 0-4-0, Betsy
1990  Mar/Apr   P   p66   Up Clear Creek, pt.61: "New" Forks Creek Eating House
1990  Mar/Apr   P   p72   Freelanced Rail Truck
1990  Mar/Apr   C   p75   RGS, C&S, D&RGW paint recipes

1990  May/Jun   P   p28   SR&RL Caboose #551, Flanger #505
1990  May/Jun   P   p30   D&RG Enginehouse, Crested Butte, CO
1990  May/Jun   P   p36   Oahu Sugar Co. Sugar Cane Car
1990  May/Jun   P   p37   Ewa Plantation Co. Box Car #3
1990  May/Jun   P   p38   Log Frame House, Ironton, CO
1990  May/Jun   P   p40   Miner's Cabin, Alta, CO
1990  May/Jun   P   p46   RGS Telluride Depot
1990  May/Jun   P   p50   Cordoba & Huatusco 2'ga 2-6-0
1990  May/Jun   P   p64   Venice Minature Railway, Inc, 18"ga Motor Car
1990  May/Jun   P   p71   Up Clear Creek, pt.62: Floyd Hill Bridge
1990  May/Jun   P   p75   Buffalo-Pitts Traction Engine
1990  May/Jun   P   p78   FH Stoltze Land & Lumber Co. Loader

1990  Jul/Aug   P   p16   D&RG 62 ft Howe Pony Truss Bridge
1990  Jul/Aug   P   p30   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Boxcar #627, Tool Car #45
1990  Jul/Aug   P   p40   Soo Line 2-6-0 #322
1990  Jul/Aug   P   p48   Venice Minature Ry, Inc. 18"ga Tourst Trailer Car
1990  Jul/Aug   P   p50   Teresa Cristina RR, Meter Gauge 2-6-6-2
1990  Jul/Aug   P   p57   SR&RL Pulpwood Car #330
1990  Jul/Aug   P   p64   Up Clear Creek, pt.62: C&S Caboose Details
1990  Jul/Aug   P   p71   Uintah Ry Rail Motor Car #50
1990  Jul/Aug   P   p78   Pino Grande Water Tank

1990  Sep/Oct   P   p49   Chama, CO Coaling Station
1990  Sep/Oct   P   p59   SR&RL Boxcars #121-145
1990  Sep/Oct   P   p61   Up Clear Creek, pt.63: C&S Cinder Car
1990  Sep/Oct   P   p66   N-C-O Ry Motor Cars #101, #102
1990  Sep/Oct   P   p76   Typical Two-Stall Enginehouse

1990  Nov/Dec   P   p22   Sierra Ry Ford LCL Rail Truck
1990  Nov/Dec   P   p23   Hetch Hetchy RR Cadillac Inspection Car
1990  Nov/Dec   P   p29   SR&RL Flatcar #417
1990  Nov/Dec   P   p31   Variable Height Trestle Bent
1990  Nov/Dec   P   p33   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Caboose #41
1990  Nov/Dec   C   p38   Cyanide Mill, pt.1
1990  Nov/Dec   P   p50   Southern Ry 3'ga Baldwin 4-6-0
1990  Nov/Dec   P   p68   Up Clear Creek, pt.63: C&S Roof Hatches, Specialty Car Details
1990  Nov/Dec   P   p74   1916 Garford 2-ton Tank Truck

1991  Jan/Feb   P   p30   Int'l Rys of Central America Baldwin 4-6-0
1991  Jan/Feb   C   p32   Tahoe Northern Tank car and Boxcar
1991  Jan/Feb   P   p42   C&S Baker Water Tank
1991  Jan/Feb   P   p49   1920 MacDonald Model O 5-ton, Low-bed Truck
1991  Jan/Feb   P   p57   Up Clear Creek, pt.64: Silver Lady Mine
1991  Jan/Feb   P   p59   SR&RL Boxcars #146-157
1991  Jan/Feb   P   p65   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Combination Coach #37
1991  Jan/Feb   P   p74   Sierra Ry 4-6-0 #3

1991  Mar/Apr   P   p18   RGS Goose #5
1991  Mar/Apr   P   p37   SR&RL Pulpwood Car #420
1991  Mar/Apr   P   p46   1911 Packard 2-ton Truck
1991  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Colorado Midland 4-6-0 #15
1991  Mar/Apr   P   p54   1941 Ford Rail Motor Car
1991  Mar/Apr   P   p54   McCloud River RR Ford "A" Woody Rail Motor Car
1991  Mar/Apr   P   p68   Up Clear Creek, pt.65: Silver Hat Mill, Matterhorn, CO
1991  Mar/Apr   P   p74   Freelanced On30 Flatcar, Workcar, Caboose
1991  Mar/Apr   P   p84   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Combination Coach #36

1991  May/Jun   P   p26   Quincy & Torch Lake Engine House
1991  May/Jun   P   p50   DB&W 3'ga Brooks 2-8-0
1991  May/Jun   P   p69   Oahu Ry & Land Co. Can Coach #30
1991  May/Jun   P   p73   SR&RL Pulprack Car #213
1991  May/Jun   P   p74   Nevada Copper Belt Ry Motor Cars #21, #22
1991  May/Jun   P   p78   1920 Mack Model AB 2  1/2-ton Truck

1991  Jul/Aug   P   p50   Lihue Plantation 30"ga 0-4-2 #6
1991  Jul/Aug   P   p54   Olney Springs Blacksmith Shop
1991  Jul/Aug   P   p61   SR&RL Boxcar #105
1991  Jul/Aug   P   p72   Pickering Lumber Co. Lumber Jack Ambulance
1991  Jul/Aug   P   p73   V&T Ford Rail Car #24
1991  Jul/Aug   P   p74   1920 White 5-ton Model 45 Truck

1991  Sep/Oct   C   p25   Building a"Working" Water Tank
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p29   SR&RL Flatcar #410
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p30   Colorado Midland Ivanhoe Depot
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p50   United Fruit Co. 3'ga Porter 2-6-0
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p54   D&RGW Motor Car #592
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p55   Tonopah & Tidewater Gas-Electric #99
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p67   Death Valley RR Co. Motor #5
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p75   1917 White Model TAD 20, 3-ton Chain-Drive Truck
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p78   Ocean Shore RR Co. Motors #61, #62
1991  Sep/Oct   P   p85   Freelanced On30 Stockcar

1991  Nov/Dec   P   p28   Creede, CO Depot
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p39   C&NW 3-ft Gauge Second #279, Coach #2738
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p42   Pechot-Bourdon Locomotive
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p46   DSP&P Refrigerator Car
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p51   Washington & Plymouth 4-4-2
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p55   1915 Sandow 1/2-ton Truck
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p58   US Potash Co. (Ex-DVRR) 3'ga Baldwin 2-8-0
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p70   Ventura City Ry Motor Car #3
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p70   Quincy RR Motor #49
1991  Nov/Dec   P   p83   SR&RL RR Pulpwood Car #222

1992  Jan/Feb   P   p33   DSP&P Waycar #73
1992  Jan/Feb   P   p35   Unitah RY 2-8-2 #40
1992  Jan/Feb   P   p47   Northwestern Pacific Inspection Car #850
1992  Jan/Feb   P   p50   US Gov't War Dept / WP&Y 3'ga 2-8-2
1992  Jan/Feb   P   p54   Holt Interurban Ry Motor Car #5
1992  Jan/Feb   P   p55   Chowchilla Pacific Ry Motor Car #101
1992  Jan/Feb   P   p56   Favorite Mine, Cripple Creek 'Poor Boy'
1992  Jan/Feb   P   p61   1922 GMC, Model 41B, 2-ton Truck
1992  Jan/Feb   P   p86   SR&RL Sanders Watertank

1992  Mar/Apr   P   p23   Tropical Oil Co. Mack Rail Motor Bus Model AB
1992  Mar/Apr   C   p40   Making Plaster Buildings, pt.1
1992  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Baldwin 30"ga 2-8-2
1992  Mar/Apr   C   p54   Bridgton & Saco River Tank Car #22
1992  Mar/Apr   P   p59   RGS Ford Inspection Car #1
1992  Mar/Apr   P   p61   1923 Sterling, Model WB, 1 1/2-ton Truck
1992  Mar/Apr   C   p69   C&S Refrigerator Cars - Colors, lettering
1992  Mar/Apr   P   p83   Mt. Hood RR Model Mack Rail Motor Bus Model AB

1992  May/Jun   P   p30   Tennessee Pass Depot
1992  May/Jun   P   p50   Live Oak Perry & Gulf sg Baldwin 4-6-0 #100
1992  May/Jun   P   p61   1917 Kleiber, 3 1/2-ton Truck
1992  May/Jun   P   p68   Pacific Great Eastern Ry  Motors #101 to #103
1992  May/Jun   P   p68   Pacific Great Eastern Hall-Scott Motor Cars
1992  May/Jun   P   p71   WSL Co. Wooden Side-Dump Car

1992  Jul/Aug   P   p30   Model AC Mack Rail Motor Bus
1992  Jul/Aug   P   p32   Pro-Patria Mill, Rico CO
1992  Jul/Aug   P   p43   1918 Doane, Model HP Low-bed, 6-ton Truck
1992  Jul/Aug   P   p50   NCNG Locomotive Fuel Tank Car
1992  Jul/Aug   P   p51   CA Western RR M-80 "Skunk"
1992  Jul/Aug   P   p58   D&RGW Pile Driver OB, Idler Flatcar
1992  Jul/Aug   P   p69   SR&RL Boxcar #85
1992  Jul/Aug   P   p71   SP ng 0-4-0T #2 MofW

1992  Sep/Oct   P   p22   12 & 15 Ton Mack Switchers
1992  Sep/Oct   P   p35   "Extension Cord" Locomotive
1992  Sep/Oct   P   p39   Sonoma Magnesite 2'ga Gas Locomotive, Tank Car
1992  Sep/Oct   P   p50   SP ng Stock Car
1992  Sep/Oct   P   p51   Colorado & Northwestern Flatcar
1992  Sep/Oct   P   p60   WSL Co. Short Caboose #3
1992  Sep/Oct   P   p61   1922 Int'l Model 61, 3-ton Truck
1992  Sep/Oct   P   p70   Doane Valley Caboose #1
1992  Sep/Oct   P   p83   SR&RL Snowplow #514

1992  Nov/Dec   P   p20   Model T Locomotives
1992  Nov/Dec   P   p35   On30 Box-cab Electric Locomotive
1992  Nov/Dec   P   p50   N-C-O 4-6-0 Second #4
1992  Nov/Dec   P   p55   Western Union Telegraph Co. Motor #105
1992  Nov/Dec   P   p59   1918 Pierce Arrow, Model X-4, 2-ton Truck
1992  Nov/Dec   P   p63   D&RGW Rotary OM

1993  Jan/Feb   C   p20   Doane Valley Lumber Co. Oil Tank Car #4
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p23   Doane Valley Lumber Co. Oil Tank Car #4
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p29   SR&RL Snowplow #513
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p38   California Western RR "Skunk" M-200
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p41   NCNG (Ex-Swayne Lumber Co.) Rotary Snowplow #1
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p46   Up Clear Creek, pt.77: Cutting, Fitting, Patching blackhawk
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p54   New Orleans, Natalbany & Natchez Ry sg 2-8-2 #101
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p58   RG Derrick Car OP
1993  Jan/Feb   C   p69   3/8n40 blacksmith car
1993  Jan/Feb   C   p74   Twin Cities 2'ga Plymouth diesel switcher
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p77   Republic Creasoting Co. 2'ga Davenport Diesel
1993  Jan/Feb   P   p90   Pine Cone Valley Geared Steam Locomotive - Boutell

1993  Mar/Apr   P   p22   CA Western RR "Skunk" M-100
1993  Mar/Apr   C   p32   Weathering with Rottenstone - Stewart
1993  Mar/Apr   P   p39   Silverton Northern Rail Bus - Casey Jones
1993  Mar/Apr   C   p40   Decals and Transfers List - HO
1993  Mar/Apr   P   p50   NCNG 2-6-0 #6
1993  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Up Clear Creek, pt.78: In search of "instant success"
1993  Mar/Apr   P   p60   Hawaiian RR "Kalakaua Car"

1993  May/Jun   P   p21   Tonopah & Golfield Gas-Electric M103
1993  May/Jun   P   p36   Broken Hill Property Co. 2'ga Mine Locomotive
1993  May/Jun   P   p37   SR&RL Pulpwood Rack #230
1993  May/Jun   P   p43   1919 Oldsmobile, 1-ton Truck
1993  May/Jun   P   p53   Quincy & Torch Lake - Detroit Bridge Co. Turntable
1993  May/Jun   P   p62   D&RGW Gondola #9019
1993  May/Jun   P   p68   D&RGW Idler Flat #06063
1993  May/Jun   P   p68   Vulcan Iron Works "AS" Class 0-4-2

1993  Jul/Aug   P   p23   Southern Pacific ng Combine #400
1993  Jul/Aug   P   p35   Santa Barbara Tie & Pole Shay #1
1993  Jul/Aug   P   p38   Those magnificent FWD's - 4x4's from 1908
1993  Jul/Aug   P   p48   Colorado & Northwestern locomotives
1993  Jul/Aug   P   p52   California Western RR "Skunk" M-200
1993  Jul/Aug   P   p71   SR&RL Boxcars #121-125 for grain service

1993  Sep/Oct   P   p23   SR&RL Pulp Rack Car #264
1993  Sep/Oct   P   p38   Missouri & Arkansas Ry Motor Cars #705, #726
1993  Sep/Oct   P   p44   Calumet & Hecla Mining Co. Camelback
1993  Sep/Oct   P   p44   Hecla & Torch Lake Mason Bogie
1993  Sep/Oct   P   p44   Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington RR Caboose #1
1993  Sep/Oct   P   p54   Thunder Lake Lumber Co. Caboose
1993  Sep/Oct   P   p59   24-ton Wood-burning Shay
1993  Sep/Oct   P   p69   Monterey & Salinas Valley RR Combine

1993  Nov/Dec   P   p24   Uintah Ry 4-wheeled Cabooses
1993  Nov/Dec   P   p45   SR&RL Kingfield Section House
1993  Nov/Dec   P   p50   ALBERT: 3-ft Gauge Davenport Mogul
1993  Nov/Dec   P   p53   27-ton Oil-burning Shay
1993  Nov/Dec   P   p57   Colorado & Northwestern Climax #2
1993  Nov/Dec   P   p87   SP ng "A" Frame Hopper

1994  Jan/Feb   P   p31   San Joaquin & Eastern RR Co. Observation Car #200
1994  Jan/Feb   P   p35   Freelanced 3-ft Gauge Donkey Locomotive
1994  Jan/Feb   P   p38   Simplex Rail Tractor
1994  Jan/Feb   P   p50   Barnhart Log Loader
1994  Jan/Feb   P   p54   Holly River & Addison Ry 4-6-0 #10
1994  Jan/Feb   P   p56   SR&RL Locomotive 2'ga 2-6-2 #15
1994  Jan/Feb   P   p66   3-ft Gauge,26-ton, Coal Burning Shay
1994  Jan/Feb   P   p78   Watsonville Transportation Co. Electric Motor Car
1994  Jan/Feb   P   p81   Miners Union Hall

1994  Mar/Apr   P   p37   Colorado & Northwestern Shay #25
1994  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Nevada Copper Belt Motor Car #21 - "Yerington"
1994  Mar/Apr   P   p52   Barnhart Log Loader Boiler and Boom
1994  Mar/Apr   P   p60   Unitah Ry Engines #20, #21
1994  Mar/Apr   P   p62   Silver City, Pinos Altos, & Mongollon 2'ga Shay #4
1994  Mar/Apr   P   p67   Cosumnes Lumber Co. Water Tank
1994  Mar/Apr   P   p71   SR&RL 2'ga Caboose #552

1994  May/Jun   P   p23   SP ng Baggage-Mail-Caboose #12
1994  May/Jun   P   p31   SR&RL Caboose #553
1994  May/Jun   P   p37   20-ton Coal Burning Shay
1994  May/Jun   P   p46   Uintah Ry Passenger Cars #1, #50, #53
1994  May/Jun   P   p48   Stamp Battery
1994  May/Jun   P   p50   30"ga Brazilian 4-4-0
1994  May/Jun   P   p53   Barnhart Log Loader Engine, Drums, and Cables
1994  May/Jun   P   p60   D&RG Ibex Depot

1994  Jul/Aug   P   p24   Apothecary Shop
1994  Jul/Aug   P   p25   Uintah Ry Caboose #3
1994  Jul/Aug   P   p30   18-ton, Wood Burning Shay
1994  Jul/Aug   P   p40   Colorado & Northwestern #30
1994  Jul/Aug   P   p50   30"ga Baldwin 2-8-0
1994  Jul/Aug   P   p53   SR&RL Tool Car 2'ga #262

1994  Sep/Oct   P   p21   Pajaro Valley Cons'd RR Sugar Beet Side Dump Cars
1994  Sep/Oct   P   p30   20-ton Coal Burning Shay
1994  Sep/Oct   P   p34   Sugar Beet Wagons & Platforms
1994  Sep/Oct   P   p41   Car Ferry, GT Chrey
1994  Sep/Oct   P   p54   D&RG-Grant 2-8-0 C-16, (see also 7-87, p50 and 9/04, p50)
1994  Sep/Oct   P   p57   SR&RL Flatcar/Gondola #271

1994  Nov/Dec   C   p19   Water Tank Hoops
1994  Nov/Dec   P   p34   Pajaro Valley Cons'd RR Sugar Beet Dumping Platform
1994  Nov/Dec   C   p40   Operations on Wardell's D&RG Sn3 Layout
1994  Nov/Dec   P   p50   C&S 2-6-0 Class B3C
1994  Nov/Dec   P   p54   Porter 2-6-2
1994  Nov/Dec   P   p58   22-ton Shay
1994  Nov/Dec   P   p71   SR&RL Pulpwood Rack Car #240
1994  Nov/Dec   C   p73   Up Clear Creek, pt.88: Moscript & Hassell Lumber Co.
1994  Nov/Dec   P   p75   Moscript & Hassell Lumber Co.
1994  Nov/Dec   C   p85   Modeling with Paper - Stewart

1995  Jan/Feb   P   p37   SR&RL Combine #11
1995  Jan/Feb   P   p42   Up Clear Creek, pt.89: C&S Idaho Springs Section House
1995  Jan/Feb   P   p48   Kelley Is Lime & Transport Co. Shay #28
1995  Jan/Feb   P   p54   Pajaro Valley RR 2-6-0 #4
1995  Jan/Feb   P   p59   Bradford Bordell & Kinzua RR #2
1995  Jan/Feb   P   p62   RGS/C&S #74
1995  Jan/Feb   P   p68   Pajaro Valley Cons'd RR Passenger Coaches

1995  Mar/Apr   P   p21   SR&RL Ry Post Office Car #8
1995  Mar/Apr   P   p37   Peach Bottom RR #12 - Robert Fulton
1995  Mar/Apr   P   p38   S African Ry, Class NGG11, 2'ga Beyer Garratt
1995  Mar/Apr   P   p44   13-ton 2 Cylinder Shay
1995  Mar/Apr   P   p54   Rio Grande & SW RR 2-8-0 #6, #7
1995  Mar/Apr   P   p58   Pajaro Valley Cons'd RR 2-6-2 #9
1995  Mar/Apr   P   p72   Consumnes Lumber Co. Sand Facility
1995  Mar/Apr   P   p79   Franklin & Megantic Ry Baggage/RPO #2

1995  May/Jun   P   p30   Std Gauge Disconnected Log Truck
1995  May/Jun   P   p33   Phillips & Rangeley RR Baggage/RPO #5
1995  May/Jun   P   p50   Godchaux RR Porter 0-6-4T #7
1995  May/Jun   P   p53   Otis Ry Gondola #4
1995  May/Jun   P   p65   SR&RL Boxcar #93
1995  May/Jun   P   p82   Ferries & Cliff House RR #3, #8

1995  Jul/Aug   C   p19   Building C-19 #346 in Large Scale
1995  Jul/Aug   P   p28   White Deer & Loganton Milk Car
1995  Jul/Aug   P   p30   Ferries & Cliff House RR Steam Line Trailers
1995  Jul/Aug   C   p38   Yukon Consolidated Gold Corp. Dredge #4, pt.1
1995  Jul/Aug   P   p49   SR&RL RR Excursion Car #30
1995  Jul/Aug   P   p50   Tionesta Valley RR Brooks 2-6-0 #6
1995  Jul/Aug   C   p56   Up Clear Creek, pt.92: Having fun
1995  Jul/Aug   P   p60   Seattle Car & Foundry / Marschutz & Cantrell Disconnected Log Truck
1995  Jul/Aug   P   p83   SR&RL RR Boxcar #74

1995  Sep/Oct   P   p21   Park & Ocean Railroad 2-4-2t
1995  Sep/Oct   C   p27   Ridgeway Office Building
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p44   2ft Gauge Gas Powered "Critter"
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p46   VA & Truckee Railway Pneumatic Coal Loader
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p47   VA & Truckee Railway MOW Cars - Flanger #1
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p48   Argentine Central 2 Truck Shay #1
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p54   Vaccaro Brothers Railroad Co. 2-4-0 #1
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p57   SR&RL Boxcar #52
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p58   Diamond & Caldor Bear Meadow Water Tank
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p63   RGS Work Car #0255
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p72   No-Name Locomotive: Calumet & Hecla Diesel
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p75   EBT Drop Bottom Wood Coal Car #346
1995  Sep/Oct   P   p91   SR&RL Excursion Car #31

1995  Nov/Dec   P   p30   SR&RL Railroad Phillips Paint Shop
1995  Nov/Dec   P   p36   Std Gauge Car for Transporting Barnhart Log Loader
1995  Nov/Dec   P   p41   SR&RL Railroad Sanders Station
1995  Nov/Dec   P   p54   Nelson & Albemarle sg Vulcan 2-6-2ST #9
1995  Nov/Dec   P   p63   VA & Truckee Railway Ex-Flanger #2 W/Snowplow
1995  Nov/Dec   P   p63   VA & Truckee Railway Flanger #2 W/O Snowplow
1995  Nov/Dec   P   p68   Little Store in Austin, Nevada
1995  Nov/Dec   P   p72   Ferry Apron Hoist

1996  Jan/Feb   P   p21   SR&RL Railroad 2'ga Coach #18
1996  Jan/Feb   P   p30   Wooden Disconnected Log Truck
1996  Jan/Feb   P   p38   Pennsylvania "Wildcat" Log Trucks
1996  Jan/Feb   P   p47   SR&RL Railroad Madrid Water Tank
1996  Jan/Feb   P   p49   RGS Rico Depot
1996  Jan/Feb   P   p56   Mann's Creek Railroad Caboose (8 Wheel Bobber)
1996  Jan/Feb   P   p63   VA & Truckee Railway Wooden Water Tank Car #1, #2

1996  Mar/Apr   P   p24   Two Class A Climaxes
1996  Mar/Apr   P   p34   South Pacific Coast Railroad "Combination" Boxcar
1996  Mar/Apr   P   p38   Red Cloud Mine, Bodie, CA
1996  Mar/Apr   P   p46   Ohio River & Western Coach 2'ga #9
1996  Mar/Apr   P   p50   Ingram-Day Lumber Company sg 2-6-0 #6
1996  Mar/Apr   P   p55   Zanker House (CA Home)
1996  Mar/Apr   P   p61   Coos Bay Lumber Co ALCO 2-8-2T #11
1996  Mar/Apr   P   p64   VA & Truckee Ry Flatcars & Wood Racks
1996  Mar/Apr   P   p75   Quality Store, (RGS Structure @ Ophir)

1996  May/Jun   P   p42   20' Skelton Log Car
1996  May/Jun   P   p45   Yosemite Valley Railroad Std Gauge Freight Cars
1996  May/Jun   P   p50   Godchaux 2-6-0 #4
1996  May/Jun   P   p55   Chicago Gulch Central RR's Civil Engineering Car
1996  May/Jun   P   p58   VA & Truckee Railway Tunnel Cars #53, #54
1996  May/Jun   P   p71   P, LZ & W RR Comb. Smoker-Baggage Car #301
1996  May/Jun   P   p77   Salinas Railway Company Steam Dummy #1

1996  Jul/Aug   P   p24   Jackson County Stamp Mill, part 1: The Building
1996  Jul/Aug   P   p30   Acme Brick Company's 0-4-0T and Hoppers
1996  Jul/Aug   P   p33   Yosemite Valley SG Boxcars #601-606
1996  Jul/Aug   P   p35   Five donkeys for On3 Mill Valley Lumber Co.
1996  Jul/Aug   P   p58   Virginia & Truckee Wooden Water Tank Cars
1996  Jul/Aug   P   p59   Carson & Colorado passenger/express/baggage car
1996  Jul/Aug   P   p60   Class B 25-ton Climax, circa 1897

1996  Sep/Oct   P   p24   Yosemite Valley RR std ga flat cars #501, #508
1996  Sep/Oct   P   p31   Porter 0-4-2T
1996  Sep/Oct   P   p48   Denver & Rio Grande Western Pullman Combine #550
1996  Sep/Oct   P   p49   Death Valley RR motor #5, J.G. Brill Co.
1996  Sep/Oct   P   p54   Pittsburgh & Western Railway Baldwin 4-6-0
1996  Sep/Oct   P   p59   Newport Mine 0-4-0T
1996  Sep/Oct   P   p68   Jackson County Stamp Mill, part 2: machinery

1996  Nov/Dec   P   p30   Firehouse, Rico, CO
1996  Nov/Dec   P   p47   Yosemite Valley Railroad std ga MOFW car
1996  Nov/Dec   P   p47   Brighthope Railway 1882 Coal Car
1996  Nov/Dec   P   p58   Uintah Railway 2-8-2 #30
1996  Nov/Dec   P   p60   Associate Oil Company Gas Station
1996  Nov/Dec   P   p62   Virginia & Truckee Express-mail car #21
1996  Nov/Dec   P   p64   22-ton Class A Climax
1996  Nov/Dec   P   p85   D&RGW Narrow Gauge Lumber Car

1997  Jan/Feb   P   p21   Yosemite Valley std ga Caboose #17
1997  Jan/Feb   P   p22   Coahuila y Zacatecas Cabooses #151, #152
1997  Jan/Feb   P   p31   Peach Bottom Railway outside-frame Boxcar
1997  Jan/Feb   C   p33   Shadows, the Secret to Painting Figures
1997  Jan/Feb   P   p38   Sierra Railroad 2-8-0 #18
1997  Jan/Feb   P   p50   small blacksmith's bunk car
1997  Jan/Feb   P   p54   Unitah Railway 2-8-0 #12
1997  Jan/Feb   C   p75   Up Clear Creek, pt.100: Hiding the Seams
1997  Jan/Feb   P   p78   Chama - List of published plans for yard area

1997  Mar/Apr   C   p19   Rt to Redwoods #1: Designing the Layout
1997  Mar/Apr   C   p25   Building On3 NM Lumber Co. Log Cars
1997  Mar/Apr   P   p27   New Mexico Lumber Co. Log Car
1997  Mar/Apr   C   p33   Clanking, Clattering, Chugging Contraption - Vertical Boiler Chain Drive Loco
1997  Mar/Apr   C   p39   Building an Nn3 Railcar
1997  Mar/Apr   P   p47   Yosemite Valley Railroad std ga Cabooses
1997  Mar/Apr   P   p48   "Parlor Car" - freelance, homemade logging caboose
1997  Mar/Apr   C   p51   Up Clear Creek, pt.101: Rebuilding Georgetown Loop
1997  Mar/Apr   P   p54   Nevada County Narrow Gauge 4-4-0 #7
1997  Mar/Apr   P   p57   Peach Bottom Railway Excursion car/gondola
1997  Mar/Apr   P   p63   Cosumnes Lumber Company Oil Facility
1997  Mar/Apr   P   p77   Ohio River & Western Flatcars #2401-2408, #2417-2424
1997  Mar/Apr   P   p78   Sierra Railroad 2-8-0 #20, #22

1997  May/Jun   P   p20   GSL&P Depot, Sunset, CO
1997  May/Jun   P   p23   Tuscarora Valley Railroad Baggage Car
1997  May/Jun   P   p29   Yosemite Valley Railroad std ga Caboose
1997  May/Jun   C   p30   Styrene sheet Modeling
1997  May/Jun   C   p30   Nigorigo Tramway #1 Diesel (Japan)
1997  May/Jun   C   p36   Cribbed Bridges
1997  May/Jun   C   p39   Up Clear Creek, pt.102: Georgetown Loop terrain
1997  May/Jun   C   p58   My 2 RRs #1: Glenwood & Black Creek; Central California Coast
1997  May/Jun   C   p66   Rt to Redwoods #2: Backdrop and Lighting
1997  May/Jun   P   p70   Sierra Railway Co. Depot, Sonora, CA
1997  May/Jun   P   p78   Louisville, New Albany & Croydon RR Caboose #1942
1997  May/Jun   P   p80   Ohio River & Western Boxcar 609

1997  Jul/Aug   C   p30   Rt to Redwoods #3: Roadbed and Track
1997  Jul/Aug   P   p38   Sierra Railway Co. Station, Sonora, CA
1997  Jul/Aug   P   p43   Yosemite Valley Railroad std ga Velocipede #8
1997  Jul/Aug   C   p44   My 2 RRs #2: Operations and Planning
1997  Jul/Aug   P   p47   Ohio River & Western Caboose #33
1997  Jul/Aug   P   p48   Colorado Central 0-6-0t #4
1997  Jul/Aug   P   p77   Eagles Mere Railroad Box/Baggage Car #12
1997  Jul/Aug   C   p78   Up Clear Creek, pt.103: High Bridge, Georgetown Loop

1997  Sep/Oct   C   p20   Converting HO 44-Ton Switcher to On3
1997  Sep/Oct   P   p24   Yosemite Valley RR std ga Cabooses
1997  Sep/Oct   C   p47   Up Clear Creek, pt.104: Balancing locomotives
1997  Sep/Oct   P   p54   Colorado Central 0-6-0 #30
1997  Sep/Oct   P   p56   D&RGW K-37 Details
1997  Sep/Oct   C   p60   Rt to Redwoods #4: Making Turnouts
1997  Sep/Oct   P   p65   Ohio River & Western Archbar Truck
1997  Sep/Oct   P   p71   Sierra Railroad Side-dump Gondola
1997  Sep/Oct   C   p74   My 2 RRs #3: Benchwork, valence and edges
1997  Sep/Oct   P   p77   Eagles Mere Railroad Picnic Car

1997  Nov/Dec   P   p21   Ohio River & Western Gondolas 801-820
1997  Nov/Dec   P   p22   Sierra Rwy Heisler #9
1997  Nov/Dec   P   p23   West Side Lumber Co. Heisler 2nd #1
1997  Nov/Dec   P   p30   Early Yosemite Valley RR std ga Cabooses
1997  Nov/Dec   P   p54   Minera Mexicana Penoles Avalos #1, 0-4-4-0 Mallet
1997  Nov/Dec   P   p59   D&RGW K-37 More Details
1997  Nov/Dec   C   p70   Up Clear Creek, pt.105: Modeling Water
1997  Nov/Dec   C   p76   Rt to Redwoods #5: Homemade turnout control
1997  Nov/Dec   C   p79   My 2 RRs #4: Electrical circuits
1997  Nov/Dec   P   p87   EBT RR Work Caboose #2

1998  Jan/Feb   P   p21   Ohio River & Western Boxcars 401-420
1998  Jan/Feb   P   p30   Still more K-37 Details
1998  Jan/Feb   C   p34   Paymaster Mine Stamp Mill
1998  Jan/Feb   P   p53   Eagles Mere RR Excursion Cars
1998  Jan/Feb   P   p58   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina #11-A 4-6-0
1998  Jan/Feb   P   p62   Arizona Copper Co. 0-4-0 #2, 0-4-4 #5, 0-4-4 #8
1998  Jan/Feb   P   p70   Sierra Rwy 2nd #2 std ga 4-6-0
1998  Jan/Feb   C   p76   Up Clear Creek, pt.106: Modeling Trees
1998  Jan/Feb   C   p78   Rt to Redwoods #6: Milk Cars
1998  Jan/Feb   P   p80   NPC Milk Car (Express Cars #9, #10)
1998  Jan/Feb   C   p78   My 2 RRs #5: Scenery, structures, rolling stock, locomotives
1998  Jan/Feb   C   p87   Yosemite Valley RR Oil Tank, Merced, CA

1998  Mar/Apr   P   p26   Hoist House, Rattlesnake Hill, pt1
1998  Mar/Apr   P   p31   Eagles Mere RR Coach #10
1998  Mar/Apr   C   p40   Building an HO/HOn3 Ramsey Transfer
1998  Mar/Apr   C   p45   RR Machine Shop Interior
1998  Mar/Apr   P   p52   30-inch gauge Vulcan diesel locomotive
1998  Mar/Apr   P   p61   Yosemite Valley RR Water Tank, Merced, CA
1998  Mar/Apr   C   p64   My 2 RRs #6: Specialized electrical circuits
1998  Mar/Apr   C   p76   Up Clear Creek, pt.107: Layout on wheels
1998  Mar/Apr   P   p79   Ohio River & Western mail/baggage express car #25
1998  Mar/Apr   C   p81   Soldering Locos
1998  Mar/Apr   C   p84   Rt to Redwoods #7: Shaping a world
1998  Mar/Apr   P   p92   Sierra Railway Company 2-6-2 #32
1998  Mar/Apr   P   p54   Glover Machine Works #81416 2-6-0

1998  May/Jun   P   p21   Snelling, California, Section House
1998  May/Jun   C   p30   Scratchbuilding a Shay - Slip joints, tools
1998  May/Jun   C   p45   Figures with a flair - painting
1998  May/Jun   P   p54   Oahu Railway & Land Company #10 2-6-0
1998  May/Jun   P   p56   Ohio River & Western 2-6-0
1998  May/Jun   P   p59   Eagles Mere Combine #5
1998  May/Jun   C   p64   Up Clear Creek, pt.108: Turntable Bridge
1998  May/Jun   C   p70   Rt to Redwoods #8: Sculpting land forms
1998  May/Jun   P   p75   El Dorado & Southwestern #4 On3 Rail Car
1998  May/Jun   C   p78   My 2 RRs #7: Diode matrix turnout control
1998  May/Jun   P   p81   Dump Trestle, Ore House, Rattlesnake Hill, pt2
1998  May/Jun   P   p86   Sierra Railway caboose #1

1998  Jul/Aug   P   p20   RGS Bullion Tunnel Loading Station, Pandora
1998  Jul/Aug   C   p25   Scratchbuilding an industrial locomotive
1998  Jul/Aug   P   p30   Ohio River & Western 3' ga 4-4-0's #9 and #10
1998  Jul/Aug   P   p54   East Broad Top Railroad M-1
1998  Jul/Aug   C   p56   Magruder Machine & Ironworks
1998  Jul/Aug   C   p64   Rt to Redwoods #9: Two bridges
1998  Jul/Aug   P   p65   Ridge Camp Log Bridge
1998  Jul/Aug   C   p69   Up Clear Creek, pt.109: The Last Pin Truss Bridge
1998  Jul/Aug   C   p64   My 2 RRs #8: Logan Quarry
1998  Jul/Aug   P   p78   Sierra Railroad Co. #36 - Alco 2-8-2

1998  Sep/Oct   P   p23   "Teepee" refuse burner
1998  Sep/Oct   P   p41   Ohio River & Western caboose
1998  Sep/Oct   P   p42   Sierra Railway Company 2-6-2 #30
1998  Sep/Oct   P   p66   Oahu Railway & Land Co. 4-6-0 #64
1998  Sep/Oct   P   p87   Ohio River & Western Railway (First) Caboose 38

1998  Nov/Dec   C   p20   A Tale of Two Cabooses
1998  Nov/Dec   P   p24   D&RGW Standard 50,000 Gallon Water Tank
1998  Nov/Dec   R   p28   A Gaggle of Geese (history of RGS motors)
1998  Nov/Dec   P   p34   Ohio River & Western 3-ft Gauge 2-8-0 #14
1998  Nov/Dec   C   p40   An Oil Depot for the On30 Denver & Western
1998  Nov/Dec   P   p46   North American Trans. & Trading Co. 3' ga Porter 0-4-0
1998  Nov/Dec   P   p47   North American Trans. & Trading Co. 3' ga Coal Car
1998  Nov/Dec   P   p54   South Pacific Coast Railroad #3 (4-4-0)
1998  Nov/Dec   P   p62   Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Co. Milwaukee Engines 1 and 2
1998  Nov/Dec   P   p68   Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Co. Lumber "Spacer" Cars
1998  Nov/Dec   P   p79   Regauging a Bachmann On30 Mogul to On3

1999  Jan/Feb   C   p24   Building McPhee Mill - New Mexico Lumber Co.
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p31   Silver City, Pinos Altos & Mogollon Caboose
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p35   Ohio River & Western Tank Cars 401-402
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p36   The Busenhart Bros. Garage
1999  Jan/Feb   C   p40   Modeling Jennings Barn
1999  Jan/Feb   C   p44   Up Clear Creek, pt.111: Silver Plume Depot - rebuilt
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p53   Rio Grande Southern Inspection Car #1
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p54   Rio Grande Southern Goose #5
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p56   Rio Grande Southern Work Goose #6
1999  Jan/Feb   C   p68   Rt to Redwoods #12: Carter cars
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p69   A Carter Bros. 28-foot, 10-Ton Flatcar
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p73   Hawaii Railway #5  (2-4-2)
1999  Jan/Feb   P   p74   Sierra Railway Engines 4, 6 & 7 (4-4-0s)

1999  Mar/Apr   P   p20   Mrs. Skillens Store
1999  Mar/Apr   P   p26   The Dolly Varden Mine Ore Tipple, Sacking Shed and Power House
1999  Mar/Apr   P   p33   Pocatello Adzine, Boring and Incising Mill
1999  Mar/Apr   P   p54   Sierra Railroad #38 -- Weyerhaeuser Timber #4 (2-6-6-2)
1999  Mar/Apr   P   p60   Uintah Railway No 1 (Shay)
1999  Mar/Apr   P   p59   Ohio River & Western Refrigerator Cars 5 and 7
1999  Mar/Apr   P   p71   North Pacific Coast Railroad Caboose #2

1999  May/Jun   P   p30   Rayonier (ex-Sierra RR) #38 Details (2-6-6-2)
1999  May/Jun   P   p32   Nevada County Narrow Gauge 3' ga Excursion Cars #1, 8 & 9
1999  May/Jun   C   p38   Making Things Move (signal animation)
1999  May/Jun   P   p54   Uintah Railway 3' ga 2-6-6-2T #51
1999  May/Jun   P   p56   Uintah Railway 3' ga 2-6-6-2T #51
1999  May/Jun   P   p65   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Gondola 188
1999  May/Jun   P   p85   Nevada County Narrow Gauge Boxcar No. 58

1999  Jul/Aug   P   p32   D&RGW 4000 Series Box-Outfit Car
1999  Jul/Aug   P   p47   East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Co. Steel Boxcar No. 167
1999  Jul/Aug   P   p54   Sumpter Valley Railway's 3' ga 2-6-6-2 #251
1999  Jul/Aug   P   p62   Carter Brothers' 10-Ton 28-Foot Combination Boxcar
1999  Jul/Aug   P   p72   Nevada Copper Belt/Virginia & Truckee 2-8-0 #5
1999  Jul/Aug   P   p75   Waynesburg & Washington Railway Gondola #168

1999  Sep/Oct   P   p20   Up Clear Creek, pt 115: Trains on the Clear Creek Line
1999  Sep/Oct   P   p24   Oahu Railway and Land Co. Can Car no. 329
1999  Sep/Oct   C   p25   Micro Layout 4.2" x 5.6"
1999  Sep/Oct   C   p39   Building a Covered Bridge
1999  Sep/Oct   P   p54   Gilpin Tramway Engine House
1999  Sep/Oct   P   p62   Tuolumne Section House
1999  Sep/Oct   P   p71   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Cabooses 505, 506
1999  Sep/Oct   C   p76   Rt to Redwoods #16: Marshalls - two stores
1999  Sep/Oct   P   p78   Salmina Bros. Store, hip roof construction
1999  Sep/Oct   P   p79   J. Shields & Sons Store
1999  Sep/Oct   P   p86   Sierra Railroad Engine 24 (2-8-0)

1999  Nov/Dec   C   p20   Up Clear Creek, pt 116: Working the Line
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p32   Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Flatcar #250
1999  Nov/Dec   C   p52   Rt to Redwoods #17: Marshalls - North Pacific Coast Depot
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p54   North Pacific Coast Depot at Marshalls
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p72   Sierra Railway Company Engine No. 5 (0-6-0)
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p73   Hawaii Consolidated Ry. Engine No. 5 (2-6-2)
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p75   12-Ton Brookville Locomotive
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p76   Nevada County Narrow Gauge 3' ga Outside-Braced Boxcar #32
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p78   Nevada County Narrow Gauge 3' ga Boxcar #50
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p85   The Gomez Store
1999  Nov/Dec   P   p91   Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Tank Car No. 352

2000  Jan/Feb   P   p21   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina 3' ga Boxcars 6-9
2000  Jan/Feb   P   p32   Pacific Coast Aggregates Third-Rail Electric Locomotive
2000  Jan/Feb   P   p35   Huntsville & Lake of Bays Railway Small Coach No. 5
2000  Jan/Feb   P   p36   Sierra Railway Car No. 7 and 2nd (?) No. 7
2000  Jan/Feb   C   p38   Regauging N scale mechanisms
2000  Jan/Feb   C   p48   Notes on scratch building an Sn3 Porter
2000  Jan/Feb   P   p54   Rio Grande Southern Rotary #2
2000  Jan/Feb   C   p59   Rt to Redwoods #18: Marshalls - North Coast Hotel
2000  Jan/Feb   P   p61   The North Coast Hotel
2000  Jan/Feb   P   p70   Standard Chemical Company Tank Car
2000  Jan/Feb   P   p77   Tionesta Valley Railway 3' ga Caboose No. 111
2000  Jan/Feb   C   p80   Up Clear Creek, pt 117: Freelanced Salvage Yard
2000  Jan/Feb   C   p85   Modeling perfectly sized signs w/ computer

2000  Mar/Apr   C   p22   Mine Locomotive, 1:20.3 scale
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p24   Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Combination Car #16
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p46   Ferries & Cliff House RR Steam Line Trailer
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p47   Ferries & Cliff House RR Steam Line Trailer - enclosed
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p55   EBT Flat car w/ Tank Car Adaption
2000  Mar/Apr   C   p57   Up Clear Creek, pt 118: Filling Gaps
2000  Mar/Apr   C   p60   NPC #13 kitbash in Sn3
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p62   NPC #13 2-6-0
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p64   Rt to Redwoods #19: Marshalls - scene completion
2000  Mar/Apr   C   p69   Pacific Coast Railway Rail Car #4000 in Nn3
2000  Mar/Apr   R   p77   D&RGW Rotary Snowplow Roster
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p79   D&RGW Rotary Snowplow OM
2000  Mar/Apr   C   p83   Windmills
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p87   Lawndale Railway boxcar #312
2000  Mar/Apr   P   p96   D&RGW Pipe Gondola

2000  May/Jun   C   p20   Aerial Tram Construction - LIMRRE
2000  May/Jun   C   p30   Freelance 1:20.3 Motor Car
2000  May/Jun   P   p34   Empire Mine 30 inch Gauge Battery Locomotive
2000  May/Jun   C   p36   Making a Versatile Universal Joint
2000  May/Jun   C   p41   Rt to Redwoods #20: On30 Porter to On3
2000  May/Jun   P   p66   Buffalo Creek & Gauley Motor Car B
2000  May/Jun   C   p70   Up Clear Creek, pt 119: Bits & Pieces, C&S gons
2000  May/Jun   P   p73   East Broad Top Flatcar w/ gon & coal car adaptations
2000  May/Jun   R   p76   DSP&P, DL&G and C&S ng Rotary Snowplow Roster
2000  May/Jun   P   p77   Leslie Snowplow - interior view
2000  May/Jun   P   p81   Ohio River & Western Gondola #215
2000  May/Jun   C   p83   Figure modeling with polymer clay
2000  May/Jun   C   p87   Building an On3 ET&WNC Trailer Car #800 and load
2000  May/Jun   P   p88   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Trailer Car #800 and van

2000  Jul/Aug   P   p21   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Boxcar
2000  Jul/Aug   P   p27   California Central American River Bridge
2000  Jul/Aug   C   p29   Modifying On30 cars
2000  Jul/Aug   P   p32   Snelling, CA Depot
2000  Jul/Aug   P   p34   Bear Harbor Lumber Co. #1 "gypsy" 0-4-0
2000  Jul/Aug   C   p40   Up Clear Creek, pt 120: Roundup (final installment)
2000  Jul/Aug   P   p66   Ferries & Cliff House RR, Lands End Station
2000  Jul/Aug   C   p68   Rt to Redwoods #21: "Faux Carter" Passenger Cars
2000  Jul/Aug   P   p73   Ohio River & Western Boxcar #620
2000  Jul/Aug   P   p77   C&S Rotary Snow Plow #99210
2000  Jul/Aug   P   p81   Pacific Coast Railway Flatcar #751
2000  Jul/Aug   P   p82   Pacific Coast Railway Flatcar #1519
2000  Jul/Aug   C   p89   Nut, Bolt, Washer information

2000  Sep/Oct   P   p21   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Excursion Car #11
2000  Sep/Oct   C   p30   Rio Grande Southern Plow Flanger #02 in 1:20.3
2000  Sep/Oct   P   p32   Rio Grande Southern Plow Flanger #02
2000  Sep/Oct   P   p35   D&RGW Caboose #0524
2000  Sep/Oct   C   p40   Sn20 Porter and Train
2000  Sep/Oct   P   p51   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Hopper
2000  Sep/Oct   P   p58   Yosemite Valley Turntable at El Portal, CA
2000  Sep/Oct   P   p70   Rt to Redwoods #22: Resin Casting Boats
2000  Sep/Oct   P   p74   Sierra railway Express Baggage #4
2000  Sep/Oct   P   p85   Coal Miner's Cottage, Redstone, CO
2000  Sep/Oct   P   p88   Mancha Little Trammer Mine Locomotive

2000  Nov/Dec   P   p21   East Broad Top Orbisonia Turntable
2000  Nov/Dec   P   p25   D&RGW Flanger OC
2000  Nov/Dec   C   p26   Building Uintah Mallet in Nn3
2000  Nov/Dec   P   p31   Atlas "Standard A" Battery Locomotive
2000  Nov/Dec   C   p33   Nn2 on a Business Card
2000  Nov/Dec   P   p40   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Gondola
2000  Nov/Dec   P   p44   Idaho Hotel - Silver City, Idaho
2000  Nov/Dec   C   p69   Modeling an Old Time Brickyard - Gallup, NM
2000  Nov/Dec   C   p77   Rt to Redwoods #23: Sausalito Extension & Lift Out
2000  Nov/Dec   C   p81   Facing a Blank Wall
2000  Nov/Dec   P   p85   Virginia & Truckee Water Tank - Seales, NV

2001  Jan/Feb   C   p20   Converting On30 2-6-0 to 0-6-0T
2001  Jan/Feb   P   p34   Pine Creek RR diesel - ex US Army #7751
2001  Jan/Feb   P   p38   Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Boxcar #10
2001  Jan/Feb   P   p53   United Verde Copper Co. 30 cu. ft. Rocker-Dump Car
2001  Jan/Feb   P   p54   Virginia & Truckee Franktown, NV Depot, 1875
2001  Jan/Feb   P   p86   Apache Powder Co. Porter Fireless 0-4-0
2001  Jan/Feb   P   p89   Redstone, CO Outhouse
2001  Jan/Feb   P   p92   Rt to Redwoods #24: other CA narrow gauge RRs

2001  Mar/Apr   C   p33   Martinez Mill - O scale
2001  Mar/Apr   P   p52   Virginia & Truckee RR 2-6-0 Lyon #1, Ormsby #2
2001  Mar/Apr   P   p53   Virginia & Truckee RR Express Car #1, Baggage mail Car #2
2001  Mar/Apr   P   p54   Linville River RR (ET&WNC RR) Coach #19
2001  Mar/Apr   P   p72   South Pacific Coast, SP Agnew's Station, 1880 - 1920
2001  Mar/Apr   C   p76   Locomotive and car lighting circuits
2001  Mar/Apr   P   p79   Trent Engineering & Machinery Co. "A" Class mine car
2001  Mar/Apr   P   p81   Stewart Cottage, Swiss Cottage, Redstone, CO.
2001  Mar/Apr   C   p86   Rt to Redwoods #25: Picnic Cars of the North Pacific Coast RR

2001  May/Jun   C   p28   Rt to Redwoods #26: Modeling North Pacific Coast Railroad Picnic Cars
2001  May/Jun   P   p31   North Pacific Coast Railroad Picnic Car
2001  May/Jun   P   p32   North Pacific Coast Railroad Picnic Car Anomaly #2
2001  May/Jun   P   p38   Yosemite Short Line 18 Foot Boxcar
2001  May/Jun   P   p40   Virginia & Truckee RR 2-6-0 Aurora #15, Ophir #16
2001  May/Jun   P   p54   East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Combination Car #15
2001  May/Jun   P   p71   Northwestern Pacific Short Picnic Car #839-849
2001  May/Jun   P   p78   South Pacific Coast RR Agnew's Station Freight House
2001  May/Jun   P   p80   65 foot Donkey Sled
2001  May/Jun   C   p89   Modeling an Iron Railroad Bridge in Styrene
2001  May/Jun   P   p91   Iron Railroad Bridge
2001  May/Jun   P   p107  Garford Track Inspection Truck

2001  Jul/Aug   P   p20  Chowchilla Pacific Ry #101 Hall-Scott Motor Car
2001  Jul/Aug   C   p26  Flooded Church
2001  Jul/Aug   C   p36  Side Tank Porter Conversion
2001  Jul/Aug   C   p50  Large Scale Rotary
2001  Jul/Aug   P   p54  Ephraim Shay House
2001  Jul/Aug   C   p59  Rt to Redwoods #27: Making My Forest
2001  Jul/Aug   P   p72  Jeffrey Mfg. Co. Surface Locomotive Esperanza Minimg #1
2001  Jul/Aug   C   p76  Installing My Iron Bridge
2001  Jul/Aug   P   p82  Pagosa Junction Pump House
2001  Jul/Aug   P   p86  Linnville River / ET&WNC Baggage-Mail #18
2001  Jul/Aug   P   p89  Freelance Diner
2001  Jul/Aug   P   p90  Rural Post Office

2001  Sep/Oct   P   p16  Freelance Diner - rear view
2001  Sep/Oct   P   p18  Western Grocery Store
2001  Sep/Oct   P   p22  Miner's cabin - Tesla, CA Frytown
2001  Sep/Oct   P   p30  Virginia & Truckee 2-6-0 #3
2001  Sep/Oct   P   p31  Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 #25
2001  Sep/Oct   P   p38  Bell Lode Mine, Bodie, CA
2001  Sep/Oct   P   p42  GE Battery Locomotive, Bunker Hill Mine, Kellogg, ID
2001  Sep/Oct   C   p50  Building 7/8n18 Trammer Engine
2001  Sep/Oct   P   p54  East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Parlor Car #10 (Azalea)
2001  Sep/Oct   P   p56  Miners Cabin, Columbia, CA
2001  Sep/Oct   C   p72  Rt to Redwoods #28: Forest Floor and Understory
2001  Sep/Oct   R   p78  Survey of HOn3 Rolling Stock kits, parts & accessories
2001  Sep/Oct   C   p82  HO birds (seagulls)

2001  Nov/Dec   P   p18  East Broad Top Switchstand
2001  Nov/Dec   C   p24  Wyatt Bros. Coal Mine
2001  Nov/Dec   P   p36  Fly Rod Shop
2001  Nov/Dec   P   p38  North Shore Flatcar #1725
2001  Nov/Dec   P   p42  Shop Trucks, 2 wheel Dolly
2001  Nov/Dec   C   p50  3/8n40 Crew Speeder
2001  Nov/Dec   P   p54  Klondike Mines 2-6-2 #4
2001  Nov/Dec   P   p67  Virginia & Truckee Coach #18
2001  Nov/Dec   C   p71  Building two Reefers, N-C-O #01001, F&CC #1000
2001  Nov/Dec   P   p72  N-C-O Reefer # 01001
2001  Nov/Dec   C   p76  Rt to Redwoods #29: Making of a Film - Sturgeon's Sawmill
2001  Nov/Dec   C   p82  Pagosa Junction Pump House Sump
2001  Nov/Dec   P   p87  Tailor Shop and News Stand
2001  Nov/Dec   P   p89  GE Trolley locomotive

2002  Jan/Feb   P   p19  Flag Stop Depot
2002  Jan/Feb   C   p22  Green Swamp Lumber Company Tank Car #4
2002  Jan/Feb   P   p47  Lawndale Railway Boxcar #300
2002  Jan/Feb   C   p48  Hotel Thunderbird Bordello and Bar
2002  Jan/Feb   P   p54  Ft. Bragg RR std ga 2-4-2T "Sequoia"
2002  Jan/Feb   P   p55  Ft. Bragg RR std ga 2-4-4T
2002  Jan/Feb   C   p56  Pine Cliff #5 freelance 2-6-6-2
2002  Jan/Feb   C   p70  Placerville Depot
2002  Jan/Feb   C   p73  Casting - Wax, and Rubber, and Fun
2002  Jan/Feb   C   p76  Rt to Redwoods #30: Tomales Landing and the Marin Creamery
2002  Jan/Feb   P   p86  Cour d'Alene Hardware & Foundry 80 cu ft Bottom Dump Car

2002  Mar/Apr   P   p18  Couer d' Alene Hardware  Foundry 40 Cubic Yard "Ajax" Series Mine Car
2002  Mar/Apr   P   p37  Caspar, South Fork & Eastern Railroad, No 1 "Jumbo" 0-4-0
2002  Mar/Apr   P   p50  Coal Bunker at Klondike City on the Klondike Mines Railway
2002  Mar/Apr   C   p75  Rt to Redwoods #32: A Tale of Two Tanks
2002  Mar/Apr   P   p71  Carson & Colorado "Pipe" Boxcar
2002  Mar/Apr   P   p80  Grandma's House

2002  May/Jun   P   p19  Caspar, South Fork & Eastern Railroad No. 2
2002  May/Jun   P   p21  USN 65-ton Whitcomb Diesel-Electric
2002  May/Jun   C   p30  Almira Gulch & Western Shorty Combine
2002  May/Jun   P   p32  US Army Diesel #7750
2002  May/Jun   P   p42  Diamond & Caldor Flatcar #64
2002  May/Jun   P   p49  Petticoat Junction Water Tank (Railtown St. Hist. Park, CA)
2002  May/Jun   P   p53  Butte Montana Mine Latrine Car
2002  May/Jun   C   p55  Rt to Redwoods #32: Two Tanks Camp
2002  May/Jun   P   p57  Loggers Camp Shack
2002  May/Jun   P   p58  Cookhouse
2002  May/Jun   C   p61  Pagosa Junction Pumphouse details
2002  May/Jun   P   p69  RGS Outfit Boxcar #2102
2002  May/Jun   P   p70  RGS Outfit Boxcar #8714
2002  May/Jun   P   p82  Mt. Gretna Cornwall & Lebanon #12
2002  May/Jun   P   p83  Mt. Gretna Jackson & Sharpe Open Passenger Car
2002  May/Jun   P   p85  Oregon & California Railroad Bridge, Clackamas River

2002  Jul/Aug   P   p18  Florence & Cripple Creek RR 0-4-4 #51
2002  Jul/Aug   P   p19  Pajaro Valley Consolidated RR 2-4-4 #10
2002  Jul/Aug   P   p21  D&RGW Kitchen Car #04255
2002  Jul/Aug   P   p22  Bunker Hill Mine Wooden Man Car
2002  Jul/Aug   P   p30  Eureka Hill RR / Colorado & Northwestern wood Hopper
2002  Jul/Aug   P   p32  Eureka Hill RR steel Hopper
2002  Jul/Aug   C   p48  Modifying Bachmann 1:20.3 Mogul
2002  Jul/Aug   P   p50  NCNG RR 2-6-0 #5
2002  Jul/Aug   C   p55  Rt to Redwoods #33: Two Tanks Camp - Completing the Scene
2002  Jul/Aug   P   p65  Lawndale Rwy Boxcar #300
2002  Jul/Aug   C   p76  NG Steel truss Bridge
2002  Jul/Aug   P   p78  NG Steel Truss Bridge

2002  Sep/Oct   C   p30  Virginia & Truckee 2-6-0 Second #15
2002  Sep/Oct   P   p33  Virginia & Truckee 2-6-0 Second #15
2002  Sep/Oct   P   p35  Lumber Company House and Privy
2002  Sep/Oct   P   p33  Rt to Redwoods #34: Small California Sawmills for your Layout
2002  Sep/Oct   P   p54  S scale Frontier House
2002  Sep/Oct   P   p67  Wingrove & Rogers, Ltd. Battery Locomotive
2002  Sep/Oct   C   p74  Extreme Weathering Faded Freight Cars
2002  Sep/Oct   P   p80  Tiffany Mercantile Store, Tiffany CO
2002  Sep/Oct   P   p83  Yreka RR 2-4-2 #1
2002  Sep/Oct   P   p33  Virginia & Truckee 2-6-0 Second #15

2002  Nov/Dec   P   p19  Battery Locomotive, Kellogg, Idaho
2002  Nov/Dec   P   p37  Pacific Coast Trawler
2002  Nov/Dec   P   p54  North Pacific Coast Railroad Mason #2 San Rafael
2002  Nov/Dec   P   p55  North Pacific Coast Railroad Mason #3 Tomales
2002  Nov/Dec   C   p56  On30 Funeral Car, Grand Barbosa Island Railway
2002  Nov/Dec   P   p60  D&RGW Cable and Tie Car #07407
2002  Nov/Dec   P   p65  East Broad Top Caboose #27
2002  Nov/Dec   P   p75  Rt to Redwoods #35: Sturgeon's Sawmill
2002  Nov/Dec   P   p79  Sturgeon's Sawmill

2003  Jan/Feb   P   p22  American Hoist & Derrick Pile Driving Engine
2003  Jan/Feb   P   p42  50 foot Wood A Frame Bridge
2003  Jan/Feb   P   p50  North Pacific Coast Railroad Mason #8; Bully Boy, #2
2003  Jan/Feb   C   p53  Three Aspens Mine and Mill
2003  Jan/Feb   C   p62  Rt to Redwoods #36: Equipment for the Buckthorn Logging Co.
2003  Jan/Feb   P   p65  20 cu ft Mule Hauled Solid Bottom Ore Car
2003  Jan/Feb   C   p68  Building Mt. Gretna NG #11
2003  Jan/Feb   P   p73  Dynamite Gelatin Box
2003  Jan/Feb   P   p74  Prize Mine Blasting Powder Magazine
2003  Jan/Feb   P   p76  Fruit Loading Shed - Mt. Diablo Orchards
2003  Jan/Feb   P   p83  Quincy & Torch Lake Caboose #3

2003  Mar/Apr   P   p30  Freelance Logging Caboose
2003  Mar/Apr   C   p33  Building a 7/8n2 Atlas Type H Mine Locomotive
2003  Mar/Apr   P   p42  Late 20s American Gas Station
2003  Mar/Apr   P   p50  South Pacific Coast Glenwood & Laurel Depots
2003  Mar/Apr   P   p53  'Home Made' Mine Car, Kellogg Idaho
2003  Mar/Apr   C   p54  Building an On3 D&S Observation Car #313
2003  Mar/Apr   P   p59  Rt to Redwoods #37: Donkey Engines
2003  Mar/Apr   P   p61  Generic Two Drum Donkey Engine
2003  Mar/Apr   P   p66  Grand Army Mine 'Pup-Tent' Powder Magazine
2003  Mar/Apr   P   p69  1962 Hercules Blasting Cap Box
2003  Mar/Apr   P   p83  East Broad Top Plymouth Locomotive M-4

2003  May/Jun   P   p25  D&RGW Water Car #0459
2003  May/Jun   P   p29  Engels Copper Mining Co. 12 Man Car
2003  May/Jun   P   p32  Freelance On3 Wood Water Car for Doane Valley Lumber Co.
2003  May/Jun   P   p33  WP&Y 60 foot Wood Turntable
2003  May/Jun   P   p50  South Pacific Coast Shelters: Guadalupe, Arden, Big Trees, Arff
2003  May/Jun   P   p59  Surrey Parker Loader Skidder
2003  May/Jun   P   p70  C&S / RGS Stock Car details
2003  May/Jun   P   p78  SG Brookville BMD Internal Combustion Locomotive
2003  May/Jun   P   p79  Rt to Redwoods #38: Busy Scene at Buckhorn Creek Landing
2003  May/Jun   P   p81  Buckhorn Creek Camp Bunkhouse
2003  May/Jun   P   p83  Buckhorn Creek Camp Cook Shack

2003  Jul/Aug   P   p18  Mission Style Service Station
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p33  Jeffrey Self-Contained Battery Powered Truck
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p40  Virginia & Truckee Coach #17
2003  Jul/Aug   C   p43  The Old Rock House, St. Louis, MO
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p48  South Pacific Coast Wright Depot
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p50  South Pacific Coast Ben Lomond Depot
2003  Jul/Aug   C   p52  Rt to Redwoods #39: Narrow Gauge Down Under - An Adventure
2003  Jul/Aug   C   p63  Two Little HOn3 Cabooses - DSP&P #79, C&S #1002
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p64  Denver South Park & Pacific Waycar
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p66  Colorado & Southern Caboose #1002
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p78  C&S / RGS Stock Car details, part 2
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p80  Colorado & Southern Stock Car #7035
2003  Jul/Aug   P   p83  Lawndale Railway Engine House, N. Carolina

2003  Sep/Oct   P   p19  Small Harbor Industry
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p25  D&RGW 6200 series Flat Car
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p33  Slag / Hot Metal Cart
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p43  Argent Lumber Company Porter 2-6-0 #1
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p48  South Pacific Coast Los Gatos,CA Freight Depot
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p50  South Pacific Coast Los Gatos,CA Passenger Depot  
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p18  Rt to Redwoods #40: Narrow Gauge Down Under - Rockett's Puffing Billy Layout
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p57  Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Combine/Caboose #400
2003  Sep/Oct   C   p62  Greenbrier & Lost River Combine #2
2003  Sep/Oct   C   p72  Waddling Duck #8
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p76  Genessee Mine Powder Magazine
2003  Sep/Oct   C   p79  Lenticular Truss Bridge - part 1
2003  Sep/Oct   P   p83  Lenticular Truss Bridge

2003  Nov/Dec   C   p30  1:20.3 Mogul
2003  Nov/Dec   P   p33  Timber Car
2003  Nov/Dec   C   p44  Micro-Mining Railroad
2003  Nov/Dec   P   p48  South Pacific Coast Turntable at Boulder Creek, CA
2003  Nov/Dec   P   p57  One Room School
2003  Nov/Dec   C   p59  Rt to Redwoods #41: Building Carter Bros. 28' combi Boxcar
2003  Nov/Dec   P   p60  South Pacific Coast Carter Bros. 28' combination Boxcar #128
2003  Nov/Dec   P   p62  Carter Bros. Shop Drawings - 28' Boxcar & Vent. Boxcar
2003  Nov/Dec   P   p68  Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Combine/Caboose #401 (1009)
2003  Nov/Dec   P   p72  Sand Mine ("Invisible Mine")
2003  Nov/Dec   P   p78  Lenticular Truss Bridge- part 2

2004  Jan/Feb   C   p19  Pipe Suspension Bridge
2004  Jan/Feb   C   p25  Consolidated Concentrates Conglomerate Freelance 2-6-6-0 Mallet
2004  Jan/Feb   P   p30  South Pacific Coast Water Tank - Wrights, CA.
2004  Jan/Feb   P   p31  South Pacific Coast Water Tank - Boulder Creek, CA
2004  Jan/Feb   P   p53  Eimco Compressed Air Locomotive
2004  Jan/Feb   C   p58  Working Stamp Mill
2004  Jan/Feb   C   p65  Rt to Redwoods #42: Disconnected Log Trucks in On3
2004  Jan/Feb   P   p66  3ft Gauge Wood Disconnected Log Truck
2004  Jan/Feb   P   p71  Argent Lumber Co. Short Bridge and Crossing Sign
2004  Jan/Feb   P   p74  "Invisible Mine" Tipple and Chute
2004  Jan/Feb   C   p76  Building an On3 Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Caboose #401
2004  Jan/Feb   P   p77  Field Notes - Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Caboose #401
2004  Jan/Feb   P   p83  Narrow Gauge Archbar Freight Truck
2004  Jan/Feb   C   p85  Lenticular Truss Bridge- part 3 Installation

2004  Mar/Apr   P   p21  Sawmill Waste Burner
2004  Mar/Apr   P   p50  Eureka Nevada RR 2-6-2 #7
2004  Mar/Apr   C   p61  Reliable HOn3 D&RGW 6000 Series Flatcars
2004  Mar/Apr   P   p67  "Invisible Mine" Mystery in the Hoist House
2004  Mar/Apr   P   p70  South Pacific Coast Enclosed Water Tank
2004  Mar/Apr   P   p71  South Pacific Coast Passenger Shelters
2004  Mar/Apr   P   p72  Rt to Redwoods #43: Gone But Not Forgotten
2004  Mar/Apr   C   p88  Scratch-built On3 Locomotive 0-4-0T
2004  Mar/Apr   P   p90  Two Industrial RR cars - Pottery Car, Bulkhead Flat

2004  May/Jun   C   p19  Scratch Building M.A.C. 4-40 Gas Rail Car
2004  May/Jun   P   p21  M.A.C. 4-40 Gas Rail Car
2004  May/Jun   C   p24  Building 2 Stall Engine House
2004  May/Jun   P   p26  2 Stall Engine House
2004  May/Jun   P   p32  C-16 D&RG 2-8-0 #42 Anglo Saxon
2004  May/Jun   P   p37  Barrel Car
2004  May/Jun   P   p48  D&RG 2-8-0 #22 Alamosa
2004  May/Jun   P   p49  Sierra Wood & Lumber Co. 2-6-0 #4
2004  May/Jun   C   p19  Rt to Redwoods #44: On3 Planning My New Layout
2004  May/Jun   P   p61  Yosemite Lumber Co. Incline Tank Car
2004  May/Jun   C   p62  Moving Experience at Forks Creek - Forks Depot Complex
2004  May/Jun   P   p71  Cherokee Lumber Co. 0-4-4T #2 Mildred
2004  May/Jun   P   p76  Pacific Coast Lighthouse
2004  May/Jun   P   p82  "Invisible Mine" Modeling the Model to a T
2004  May/Jun   P   p90  D&RGW Water Car #06217

2004  Jul/Aug   P   p20  Steam Schooner
2004  Jul/Aug   P   p31  Argent Lumber Co. #3 2-6-0
2004  Jul/Aug   P   p35  Small Industrial Tank Car
2004  Jul/Aug   C   p37  A Critter and a Half
2004  Jul/Aug   P   p50  D&RGW 2-8-0 C-16 #268
2004  Jul/Aug   P   p50  D&RGW 2-8-0 C-16 Folio
2004  Jul/Aug   C   p55  Moving Experience at Forks Creek - Section House and More
2004  Jul/Aug   C   p60  Rt to Redwoods #45: Olema - On3 Baldwin 4-4-0
2004  Jul/Aug   P   p68  Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 Columbus #17
2004  Jul/Aug   P   p69  Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 Dayton #18

2004  Sep/Oct   C   p29  Building Mann's Creek Railway Cars
2004  Sep/Oct   P   p33  Mann's Creek Railway Side-Dump Hopper #22
2004  Sep/Oct   P   p34  Mann's Creek Railway Caboose
2004  Sep/Oct   P   p44  Small Steam Powered Sawmill
2004  Sep/Oct   P   p51  D&RG Grant C-16 2-8-0
2004  Sep/Oct   P   p55  Mack Powered Hopper
2004  Sep/Oct   P   p59  Titan A Model "Electric Mule"
2004  Sep/Oct   C   p60  Rt to Redwoods #46: Bringing the Baldwins Home
2004  Sep/Oct   P   p67  Argent Lumber Co. 2-6-0 #6
2004  Sep/Oct   P   p72  Eureka & Palisade RR General Office and DEpot
2004  Sep/Oct   C   p76  "Invisible Mine" Still More Minimg Mines

2004  Nov/Dec   P   p48  McCloud River Railroad tank car 1001
2004  Nov/Dec   P   p49  Sierra Railway Passenger/Baggage car #2, "Tuolumne"
2004  Nov/Dec   P   p54  D&RG Baldwin C-16 2-8-0 #278
2004  Nov/Dec   P   p58  Ruth Company Articulated Mine Locomotive
2004  Nov/Dec   P   p61  Concrete Arch Highway Bridge
2004  Nov/Dec   P   p65  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. 2-6-0 #1 "Tybo"
2004  Nov/Dec   P   p66  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. 2-6-0 #2 "Inyo"
2004  Nov/Dec   P   p67  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. 2-6-0 #3 "Mono"
2004  Nov/Dec   C   p72  Rt to Redwoods #47: Progress on My New Layout
2004  Nov/Dec   P   p84  Kennecott Copper Materials Storage Building

2005  Jan/Feb   C   p20  Easy Streets - How to model realistic thoroughfares
2005  Jan/Feb   P   p25  One Lane Wooden Bridge
2005  Jan/Feb   C   p36  'Fixing' an On3 Brass 2-8-0 D&RGW C-21 #361
2005  Jan/Feb   P   p46  Virginia & Truckee Combination #20
2005  Jan/Feb   P   p50  Portable Ore Milling Plant
2005  Jan/Feb   P   p56  D&RGW Baldwin C-16 2-8-0 #268 (Modern version)
2005  Jan/Feb   C   p60  Rt to Redwoods #48: Painting a Backdrop
2005  Jan/Feb   C   p66  Freelanced 15 ton Box-Cab Diesels
2005  Jan/Feb   P   p73  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. 0-4-2 #4 "Bodie"

2005  Mar/Apr   P   p25  1930's Steel Windmill
2005  Mar/Apr   C   p36  Logging & Tractor Repair Shed
2005  Mar/Apr   P   p42  Rt to Redwoods #49: Anatomy of a Wooden Railroad Car
2005  Mar/Apr   P   p44  Carter Bros. 10 Ton 28' Boxcar
2005  Mar/Apr   P   p45  North Pacific Coast Kimball Passenger Car
2005  Mar/Apr   P   p46  California Western 2-6-2 #7/17
2005  Mar/Apr   P   p47  California Western 2-6-2 #11, #12
2005  Mar/Apr   P   p50  Colorado & Southern B-3-C 2-6-0 #6, #9
2005  Mar/Apr   P   p63  Cour d'Alene Hardware & Foundry Ore Car
2005  Mar/Apr   C   p64  Animated Sawmill
2005  Mar/Apr   P   p73  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. Flatcars

2005  May/Jun   C   p30  Erie Type B Steam Shovel
2005  May/Jun   P   p42  Rt to the Redwoods #50: Methods of Research
2005  May/Jun   P   p48  Small Business Building
2005  May/Jun   P   p54  South Pacific Coast Boxcar #472
2005  May/Jun   P   p57  Gilpin Tramway Shay #1 "Gilpin"
2005  May/Jun   P   p58  Bunker Hill Mine Steel "Man" Car
2005  May/Jun   P   p60  McCloud River Railroad Combination #3
2005  May/Jun   P   p61  McCloud River Railroad Caboose #05
2005  May/Jun   C   p64  Michigan-California Lumber Company Cableway, pt1
2005  May/Jun   C   p77  Look-A-Like Shay 13ton #122 into Mich-Cal #2
2005  May/Jun   P   p81  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. Log Cars
2005  May/Jun   P   p95  Dodge Bros Railbus Matheran Light Railway #899

2005  Jul/Aug   C   p20  Mann's Creek Car Shop  
2005  Jul/Aug   C   p26  West Side Lumber Company Fueling Facility
2005  Jul/Aug   P   p38  Rt to the Redwoods #51: A Moving Experience
2005  Jul/Aug   C   p44  Sierra Madre & Mount Wilson #5 Gilpin-like Caboose
2005  Jul/Aug   P   p54  Carson & Colorado Passenger-Express-Baggage Car
2005  Jul/Aug   P   p54  Virginia & Truckee Square Wooden Water Tank Car
2005  Jul/Aug   P   p57  Argent Lumber Company Crew Car "B"
2005  Jul/Aug   P   p59  Compressed Air Locomotive
2005  Jul/Aug   P   p60  Corner Market
2005  Jul/Aug   C   p64  Michigan-California Lumber Company Cableway, pt2
2005  Jul/Aug   P   p81  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. Water Tank Car
2005  Jul/Aug   P   p86  Colorado & Southern B-4-E 2-8-0 #73

2005  Sep/Oct   P   p32  Oklahoma Lead Mine
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p35  Kalka Simla Railway Motor Car #12
2005  Sep/Oct   C   p38  Building On3 D&S Railbus #1001
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p42  Rt to the Redwoods #52: Birth of a Kit
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p54  Argent Lumber Co. 2-8-0 #7
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p57  Utility trailer
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p59  Jeffrey Self-Contained Storage Battery Locomotive
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p60  McCloud River RR 2-6-0 #12
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p61  Ocean Shore RR 2-6-0 # 5 & 6
2005  Sep/Oct   C   p76  Waterfront at Alviso Slough, bldgs & mirrors
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p81  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. Oldsmobile Rail Car
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p88  McCloud River RR President's Car #100
2005  Sep/Oct   P   p89  McCloud River RR Combine #02

2005  Nov/Dec   P   p42  Tonopah & Tidewater 2-6-0 #4
2005  Nov/Dec   P   p43  Tonopah & Tidewater 4-6-0 #9 & 10
2005  Nov/Dec   P   p51  Polar Star Mill
2005  Nov/Dec   P   p72  Flatcar w/ Log Bunks
2005  Nov/Dec   P   p81  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. Speeder

2006  Jan/Feb   P   p50  Deacon's House
2006  Jan/Feb   P   p54  Rio Grande Southern 2-8-0 #74
2006  Jan/Feb   P   p81  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. Hand Car & Push Car

2006  Mar/Apr   P   p48  Grocery Store
2006  Mar/Apr   P   p52  Carson & Colorado 4-4-0 #1 - 8
2006  Mar/Apr   P   p54  N-C-O #9 & 10
2006  Mar/Apr   P   p68  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. Mono Mills store
2006  Mar/Apr   P   p70  Kalka Simla Railway Railcar #14
2006  Mar/Apr   P   p80  Kauai Plantation Railway Coach

2006  May/Jun   P   p22  Cairo & Kanawaha Valley Climax, First #5
2006  May/Jun   C   p26  On30 Combine w/ Trolley Roof
2006  May/Jun   P   p38  West Side Lumber Co. "Coffin" Tank Car #5
2006  May/Jun   P   p49  Pearl City Railbus
2006  May/Jun   P   p52  South Pacific Coast 4-4-0 # 9 & 10
2006  May/Jun   P   p53  South Pacific Coast 4-4-0 #14 & 15
2006  May/Jun   P   p54  Florida SOuthern 4-4-0 #7
2006  May/Jun   P   p70  Rio Grande Southern Motor Car, Second #1
2006  May/Jun   P   p74  Wood Coal Car 42" gauge
2006  May/Jun   P   p76  Bodie Railway & Lumber Co. Mono Saw Mill
2006  May/Jun   C   p82  Waterfront at Alviso Slough, photo backdrops
2006  May/Jun   P   p86  Rt to the Redwoods #56: Modeling Occidental - Planning a Prototype Scene

2006  Jul/Aug   C   p38  Short Boxcar - pre-Civil War
2006  Jul/Aug   P   p53  South Pacific Coast RR 4-4-0 #16 & 17
2006  Jul/Aug   P   p54  Ohio River & Western 2-6-0 #15
2006  Jul/Aug   P   p57  Chevrolet Derived Rail Truck
2006  Jul/Aug   P   p59  Wood Coal Car
2006  Jul/Aug   P   p68  Rt to the Redwoods #57: Occidental Hansen Meat Market
2006  Jul/Aug   C   p82  Waterfront at Alviso Slough, foreground structures

2006  Sep/Oct   C   p26  R. Sawyer Chemicals & Domestic Sewing Machine Co.
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p37  Santa Cruz RR Co. 4-4-0 "Jupiter"
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p38  Santa Cruz & Watsonvlle RR 0-4-0 "Betsy Jane"
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p39  Santa Cruz & Felton RR 0-6-0 #1 "Santa Cruz" & #2 "Felton"
2006  Sep/Oct   C   p44  On30 Doodlebug
2006  Sep/Oct   C   p49  West Side Lumber Co. Block Car
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p54  Quincy & torch Lake 2-8-0 #5
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p68  Ohio River & Western Caboose #36
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p71  2 Foot Gauge Semi-Enclosed Passenger Coach
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p74  Skeleton Log Car & 4-Wheel Caboose (freelance)
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p76  Rt to the Redwoods #58: Occidental Montreal Saloon
2006  Sep/Oct   C   p86  Crates by the Carload
2006  Sep/Oct   P   p90  1922 Plymouth DL-2 diesel "Rusty Mary" (SPCRR)

2006  Nov/Dec   C   p20  On30 Caboose
2006  Nov/Dec   C   p30  3/8n40 Center Cab Diesel
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p33  South Pacific Coast RR 4-4-0 #1
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p35  Universal Tramaire Compressed Air Locomotive
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p36  Bridgton & Saco River Boxcar #67
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p40  Classic Barn
2006  Nov/Dec   C   p44  External Steam Lines
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p54  Seattle Car & Foundry Logging Machine #1 & #2
2006  Nov/Dec   C   p59  West Side Lumber Co. Snow Plow
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p71  Ohio River & Western Waynesburg & Washington Archbar Truck
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p72  South Pacific Coast RR Zayante Shelter
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p73  South Pacific Coast RR Boulder Creek Depot
2006  Nov/Dec   P   p76  Rt to the Redwoods #59: Kauai Plantation Railroad
2006  Nov/Dec   C   p86  West Side Lumber Co. Tuolomne Water tank & Structures

---End of List---