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    The East Broad Top has been around since 1873 and still has tourist operations on the original rails today.

There is an active group called "Friends of the East Broad Top" that publish the 'Timber Transfer', with the latest news, historical info and schedules for the EBT. Membership is open to all at $25.00 US per year. If you are interested, contact:

Pete Clarke
10428 Carlyn Ridge Rd.
Damascus, MD 20872

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Here are some photos that were taken in the 1960s by Bill Waller ( He has posted them in the '' newsgroup, which is where I found them. He has graciously allowed me to put them up here for your enjoyment.

    These are some notes on the photos from Bill:

    "I took the photos in this series during one of the Winter Spectaculars in the late 60's (I think). I do not know, at this time how many of the pictures are worth scanning, but I will be working at it for a while.

They are all B&W. They were shot using an EXA 35mm camera with a 35mm wide angle lens on Kodak Tri-X (ASA400). The weather that weekend was lousy."

"There are two other Sites that I am aware of with EBT photos:"

    "Over the years, I have taken many photographs of trains and rail related subjects. Although this is fine for me, without a way to share the work, it all seemed kind of pointless. In recent years, I would visit rail sites without taking a camera. Then along comes the Internet. Now, I CAN share with others."

Bill Waller
Bethel Park, PA, USA

Thanks Bill.


    Plans have been published in various magazines over the years.

Jeff Scherb sent me a link to his awsome TM magazine database, hosted at Accurail. For a listing of drawings in many of the major magazines, use this link:

EBT Plan List

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