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Katy - Knitting Designer (Urban Eagle Designs) and Graphics Designer (Art Depot)
Rick - Artist, Website Designer, Landscape Architect, Irrigation Specialist (blanchard design)

We live in the Espa–ola area of Northern, New Mexico, US, Left Coast,America Plate

Two Shelties, Zack and Max

Model Railroaders (N, Nn3 and Gn3 scales)

Coffee drinkers

Geezers in training

Members: Halflistic Health Club

Rick and Katy (That's us!)

Send us email
at: rick@urbaneagle.com
or: katy@urbaneagle.com
or write to:
The Blanchards
P.O.Box 821
Santa Cruz, New Mexico 87567
tel: (505) 753-9991
fax: (505) 753-1380

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