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I knit for the love of it. I have been knitting for over 30 years and have also had a life-long interest and love of Native American art and lore. In 1993, I merged the two loves into Urban Eagle Designs. My goal is to combine two traditions - Native American weaving and European knitting - into unique, wearable art.

My "totem" sweaters are designed to bring a sense of well-being to the wearer and to honor the Native American Spirit and traditions. My sweaters are needle knit by me. Each stitch lovingly and thoughtfully done. The designs are carefully thought out - each element added for a reason - and no two are alike.

I am also a Graphic Designer and have had my own business since 1980.

Katy and Sophie

Ode to Sarah Natani, 2001

Recent Shows

Lizzie Knitting in America Lizzie Knitting in America

Being included in this wonderful book is the greatest honor I have ever received. I'm still pinching myself!

For 15 years I worked to find my path. I opened a graphic design business in 1980 but knew that it was not what I was supposed to do for the rest of my life. But what WAS my path?

I read; I studied; I meditated; I talked with friends - and I cried. All to no avail. WHAT was I supposed to be doing? I knew the answer was out there but I was having a devil of a time finding it. Was I working too hard?

Christmas 1992 found me doing needlepoint from a small book of charted Native American Designs. The more I worked with these designs the more I realized that I was getting energized as I worked. The designs were so wonderful and had such a calming energy and that energy was being transferred to me as I worked.

I quickly ripped up an old sweater that I had made way back in 1969 and knit up a vest of my own design using some of the designs from that little book. This was my first custom design. The yarn was terrible but the outcome was a revelation. I took my humble first attempt with me when I visited a good friend in Oregon. She was so impressed that she commissioned me to make her a sweater. My first commission!

By the time I attended the Taos Wool Festival that Fall, I had three of four other vests designed. As an afterthought I stuck them in my suitcase. I ended up wearing one around Taos and kept getting stopped in the street by other festival attendees. It was wonderful to have others compliment me on my work. The day we left I quickly dashed into La Lana Wools and after showing them my designs, I ended up leaving all of them. Within two weeks, Melanie Falick, author of Knitting in America visited La Lana, saw my work, called me and, as they say, the rest is history.

I had finally found my true path and it was right in front of me the whole time!

Lizzie Sew Much More - HGTV Lizzie

In August of 2001 I was filmed for inclusion in a new program slated to start airing in October, 2001 called "Sew Much More". It was four hours of fun. (My segment will only be 5 minutes!) I got to talk about my work (which I love to do) and take the viewer through the various steps I go through when designing and knitting a new piece. My segment is slated to start airing in November, 2001. Watch your TV Guide for the time and date in your area.


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