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Lizzie Gallery One Lizzie

These are all one-of-a-kind sweaters. They have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to bring a sense of well-being to the wearer and to honor the Native American Spirit and tradition. It is my hope that they do both. All are needle knit from 100% natural fibers (wool and/or cotton) and all symbols used are adapted from different tribes and various forms of Native American art.

I am greateful for their heritage and use these resources with reverence.

Each vest comes with a Legend Card which explains each symbol
and gives its meaning. The pieces in this first Gallery are all currently for sale. E-mail me for prices.

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crystal F -=- Crystal Storm Sweater -=-

This Storm Pattern taken from a Navajo rug has been open to many interpretations. I like the sacred: that the central rectangle (center back) represents the Navajo hogan and the rectangles in each corner (front & back) represent the four sacred mountains of Navajo legend. The connecting lines between the central figure and the corner images represent lightning blots carrying blessings between the mountains and the hogan.

crystal B
hopi manta revisited F -=- Hopi Manta Revisited Vest -=-
-=- Dare to Dream -=-

This design was taken from woven embrodered mantas or shawls which were worn wrapped as a dress or kilt. The design is clouds and rain. Pueblo People believe that at death the guardian spiirit and soul of the most virtuous enter the rainmaker's world ad come back to visit an d watch over the Pueblos in the form of clouds.

hopi manta revisited B
zuni2 F -=- Zuni II Vest -=-

This vest was inspired by the pottery of the Zuni Pueblo and includes the totems: Dragonfly, Dog, Turkey and Lynx.

zuni2 B
navajosky F -=- Navajo Sky Vest -=-

This vest was inspired by a Navajo rug and is made from hand spun, naturally dyed fiber all from one fleece. It includes the totmes Snake and Bear.

navajosky B
riogrande - chimayo F -=- Rio Grande - Chimayo Vest -=-

This vest was inspired by a weaving done in the Rio Grande style from the Chimayo area of New Mexico.

riogrande - chimayo B
wampum F -=- Wampum Vest -=-

This vest was inspired by an Iroquois beaded wampum belt. Woven into belts and other articles, wampum served as a currency during the heyday of the fur trade, but its value to the Iroquois and neighboring tribes was more spiritual than monetary. Wampum, in reality, evoked the very founding of the Iroquois confederacy.

wampum B

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If you are interested in more information about these vests
or about custom work, please e-mail me at:
katy@urbaneagle.com or write to:
Katy Blanchard
Urban Eagle Designs
P.O.Box 201
Youngsville, NM 87064

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