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These are some of the vests and sweaters that I have designed. Some were commissioned work, others came to being because the spirit moved me.
All designs are available as custom work. See below.

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cree F -=- Cree - Spirit of Renewal Sweater -=-

This top was inspired by a beaded Cree top and is knit from naturally dyed silk/merino yarn. SOLD

sioux-wisdom F -=- Sioux - Wisdom Vest -=-

The winters were long for the Plains Indians and during the long nights, the women would bead their clothing to add beauty and enhance the power of the wearer. Knit from hand spun as well as commercial organic Churro, this vest design was taken from one such beaded war shirt. The colors come from natural dyes picked on or near our property in Northern New Mexico and include Mullein, Cota and Sage. SOLD

sioux-wisdom B
sarahN F -=- Ode to Sarah Natani Vest -=-

This vest was inspired by a vest that was woven by well known Navajo weaver Sarah Natani for her husband, Leo. I was greatly moved by her Two Grey Hills design and used it with reverence to honor her, adding some touches of my own. SOLD

sarahN B
riograndeI F -=- Rio Grande I Vest -=-

This vest was inspired by a weaving done in the Rio Grande style. It was knit with hand spun Cotswald, Romney and Silk/Merino that was naturally dyed. SOLD

riograndeI B
hubbellI F -=- Hubbell I Vest -=-

The design for this vest was inspired by a Navajo rug once sold at the Hubbell Trading Post. SOLD

hubbellI B

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If you are interested in more information about these vests
or about custom work, please e-mail me at:
katy@urbaneagle.com or write to:
Katy Blanchard
Urban Eagle Designs
P.O.Box 201
Youngsville, NM 87064

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